Monday, April 19, 2010

Indian Supreme Court and its mysterious ways

SC upholds ban on book against Islam
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday said it was more concerned with peace in society than a person's fundamental right to freedom of speech and upheld a Maharashtra government ban on a book titled "A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims".{Basically, it is a open lesson for Hindus - Mofo Husain denigrates Hindu Gods/Godesses, protests against his perverted paintings will do zilch instead attack mohammedans, their properties etc and our courts, which are more concerned with peace in society than a person's fundamental right to freedom of speech and thought, will do the rest.}

Petitioner R V Bhasin had challenged the state government's 2007 decision four years after the publication of the book to ban it on the ground that it perpetrated hatred against Muslims, promoted enmity between communities and on the apprehension that it would breach harmony in society.

The Bombay High Court had said that the state government committed no wrong by banning the book. "The way this sensitive topic is handled by the author, it is likely to arouse the emotions and sensibilities of even strong minded people. We have held that criticism of Islam is permissible like criticism of any other religion and the book cannot be banned on that ground...But the author has gone on to pass insulting comments on Islam."

Dismissing the appeal against the HC order, an apex court Bench comprising Justices P Sathasivam and H L Dattu said it agreed with the HC that a person's freedom to expression permitted him to criticise a religion, but it could not be at the cost of public interest and public peace.

"We should not allow this kind of book to be read by citizens. You are entitled to criticise a religion. But, if an ordinary citizen reads your book, then there could be some misconception leading to clash between communities," the Bench said refusing to entertain the appeal.

"We are not against your right. But, we are more for public interest and public peace in the country," the Bench said, adding that it was satisfied that the HC had considered the matter threadbare before upholding the ban.{Ooooh moral bombast is one thing Messrs Sathasivam and Dattu but what about the violation of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights especially the right to freedom of speech and expression. So tomorrow if anybody criticizes any religion, you will be banning his books and prosecute him/her under IPC. I promise to watch this space.}
Heard and read a lot about freedom of speech, thought and what not during publicity hungry and an absconding criminal MF Hussain saga. But the same voices who went ballistic at that time are silent when this news report came out. Because our secular dickheads are actually Hinduphobes and do not believe a word of what they say. To them, if you score a brownie point against Hindus, it is a good day in the office but such news reports exposes them as two bit cowards who will capitulate moment who threaten them with violence and actually carry it out. That is the reason why they never speak about freedom of speech type arguments when it comes to mohammedans and islamic cult. These jokers are following a set script but what about the Supreme Court? What is their fear or motivation? Can it be that they too are scared of jihadist loon's and the political fallout? I think this is most probably the case and it only erodes the credibility of Supreme Court and its verdicts in the past and future regarding these types of cases should be microscopically examined and the incompetent cowering cowards of Supreme Court should be named, shamed and stripped off their positions.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DNA: Rest assured, this jawan at LoC 'will die but not let anyone intrude'

Aanganpathri (Line of Control): Sub-zero temperature, massive snowfall and high velocity winds are an alien experience for Havaldar M Kumar Velu, who grew up in warm and humid Tamil Nadu. But as he negotiates 12-feet deep snow at an altitude of 10,500 feet along the fence on the Line of Control (LoC) at an ungodly 4am, worry-lines don’t furrow his head. It’s the call of duty, “nothing less than religion’’.

“Every day is a challenge for me. Protecting the LoC against the enemy is a matter of honour for all of us. We will die but not let anyone cross over,” says Velu. This sums up the mood at Fox-land, the company headquarters of 40 Rashtriya Rifles (RR), which has been deployed on the LoC forward base.

The soldiers are on extra vigil now. It is summer and time for infiltrators to sneak in. There are already reports that 2,000 to 2,500 militants are training in camps in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and looking to cross the borders soon. For Velu and his colleagues in the Aanganpathri company, the hostile weather can wait.

“There are approximately 42 training camps across the border. Thirty-four of them are active in the PoK,” Gurdeep Singh, brigadier general of staff (BGS) of the Jammu based 16 Corps, says.

The soldiers of the Aanganpathri company know the gravity of their job. They guard a strategically crucial route, the shortest for infiltration. It connects Jammu and Kashmir through mountains south of Pir Panjal. The company covers 22 kilometres of the LoC and has some posts at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Terrorists use the Makhni Nallah to enter the valley. It is this threat that makes this company one of the important components of the army’s anti-infiltration strategy.

“The inclement weather, a combination of snow, rain, fog and high-speed winds reduces the visibility and enables terrorists to infiltrate. Our aim is to negate infiltration or ex-filtration,” Major DK Bansal, company commander of 40 RR, says.

What makes the work of Velu and his colleagues unenviable is their company is deployed opposite to some of the launch pads established by the Pakistani troops on their side of the LoC.

“Terrorists are launched from these detachments,” said Bansal. The army has a three-tier strategy to foil the designs of militants in summer. It includes area domination, aggressive patrolling, laying ambushes, gathering intelligence and streamlining surveillance.

Velu may be a small cog in the entire operation, but at 4 in the morning, fighting the freezing weather, he is focussed on his job. “National duty comes before everything else,’’ he says.

Two ultras killed
The army on Sunday foiled another infiltration bid, by killing two militants who were trying to sneak in from Keran sector on the LoC in Kupwara district. Two AK rifles, six magazines, 96 rounds, three grenades, an ICOM radio set and a wire cutter were found on them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Times of India (ToI-LeT paper) Lies And Half Truths

About a week ago, the Toilet paper (Times of India) published an article on the recent communal riots in Hyderabad (AP). My first gut feeling on reading this was that there was something amiss and there was more to it since Toilet paper - and most of secular rags which pass off as news papers - have a history of whitewashing and hiding the truth specially when riots are started by Islamic fanatics. No such 'sensitivity' and 'objectivity' is shown when Hindus react to this kind of Islamic extremism. In fact, Toilet paper and secular rags go a step further, they forget the initial spark and focus only on the reaction as if the Hindus had started the riots and muslims are the victims. Such reports (and of ministers caught on the wrong side of the law esp of Congress party) generally do not carry the name of the reporter. What the fuck are you afraid of, Toilet paper?

Two glaring examples - Gujarat riots where local islamic thugs burnt 60 innocent Hindu women, children and men in a train and quite naturally, the islamic thugs were on the receiving end. Fraudulent Toilet paper and other rags conveniently forgot the 60 Hindus roasted alive since the aggressors were one of the two Toilet papers favourite rioters: islamic fanatics. Second favorite rioters of Toilet paper are christian fanatics and there is no better example of the prejudice and anti Hinduness of the turncoat Toilet paper than Kandhamal riots, where a Hindu seer and his disciples were brutally hacked to death by christian fanatics and here also, expectedly a Hindu reaction happened. In both the cases the fanaticism (and the agression, the initial spark) of islamic and christian thugs was overlooked and the gaze was fixed firmly on the Hindus - How can Hindus do
that? As if self defence is a crime in our country and when justice is not given to the Hindus, what will a common Hindu do to defend his faith, loved ones and property? Fighting back and turning a deaf ear whilst showing the middle finger to rabid anti Hindu secular dogs and dear friends' of islamism and christianism jihadis (like Toilet paper and other rags) bleatings, makes sense.

A simple search of the news on the internet regarding Hyderabad riots and I didn't have to wait long. First, the front page of Toilet paper's March 29th, 2010, (words in blue mine)

Riots shatter Hyds calm of 2 decades {And conveniently forget the islamic fundamentalism in Gujarat riots of 2002 or the recent March 2010 Bareilly riots, covered by Toilet Paper in the inside pages where one needs a handheld microscope to read what is written, by narrowing the affected area}
Hyderabad: Communal tension triggered by a fight over flags escalated into full-blown clashes in the Old City of the Andhra capital on Sunday,shattering almost two decades of calm.At least 30 people were injured in sporadic violence while several places of worship and a goshala (cattle shelter ) were targeted by rioters.

Prohibitory orders were imposed in the entire south zone of Hyderabad.Seventy people were arrested and 15 cases registered. Hyderabad police commissioner A K Khan said the violence appeared to have been planned and would be probed by an SIT.Paramilitary forces,including RAF,have been deployed.

Trouble began in Moosabowli on Saturday night when Hindu activists tried to replace green flags with saffron ones.On Sunday,around 11am,police prevented local BJP leaders from visiting Peepal Hanuman temple in Moosabowli.Angered by police action,locals started raining stones on houses and shops belonging to Muslims,leading to retaliation.

Ripple Effect
Trouble began on Saturday night as Hindu activists tried to replace green flags with saffron ones in Moosabowli{Are only green flags allowed to fly? Trouble began when intolerant muslims did not remove their flags after celebrating prophet of superstitious muslims, Mahamad's so called birthday}.
I suspect that the timing and content of the Toilet paper article was part of the media's effort to help islamic jihadis with their campaign of religious cleansing of the region like they have done in Kashmir where half a million Hindus have been murdered and driven away out of the valley by local islamic jihadis. As can be expected, Toilet paper has never reported local Islamic jihadist fanaticism with the same zealousness (op eds, editorials and tin hat wearing writers etc) that they have shown towards Gujarat riots. Toilet paper fools the readers by reporting about pakistan sponsored terrorism in the valley (despite the terrorism, Toilet Paper has a gay fest going on with pakistan called A MAN Ki ASsA). Toilet paper will not tell the truth about local jihadis and will go a step further in covering up the atrocities of local jihadis. Down with these lying arseholes and don't hear what they say.

Now read another report (local paper),

29th Mar, 2010: What started as a show of power by a leading city-based political party has spiralled out of control. Saturday's Hindu-Muslim clashes, despite the police commissioner's assurances of security, are still on. There is tension at Begum Bazar currently, and it remains to be seen how law and order will be restored in the Old City.

How It All Began
On February 24th, the Milad-Un-Nabi celebrations were being carried out in full swing, with heapfuls of support from the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), and flags and buntings being set up in the entire Old City. One month later, these flags were removed to put up saffron flags marking the Sri Ram Navami celebrations on March 24 in Madannapet (near Saidabad Colony), marking the first of the tensions.

On March 27 (Saturday), organisers of Hanuman Jayanti celebrations in Moosa Bowli in the Old City tried to hoist their flags and buntings, removing the ones that had been put up for Milad-un-Nabi, sparking heated arguments, that were followed by clashes.

On the following Sunday, at around 11am, the BJP state unit president G Kishan Reddy and Himayatnagar MLA Baddam Bal Reddy were prevented from visiting the Peepal Hanuman temple in Moosabowli by the police, where clashes took place on Saturday night. Angered, the locals attacked houses and shops of the other community who retaliated with equal vengeance. Attempts were made by the MIM legislators and the BJP leaders to pacify the mob, but none could stop the news from reaching other areas, and violence eventually broke out.

Soon, as rumours aided by SMSes spread like wildfire, stone pelting & vehicles being set ablaze ensued, along with injuries.

Sporadic incidents of violence continued at Gulzar Houz where cameras of some media photographers were damaged, and also in Chatrinaka, Shalibanda, Shamshergunj and Parthiwada.

Stone pelting also began at the Gol Moque in Siddiamber Bazar after the afternoon prayers, and the temple opposite the mosque was also pelted as a riposte. The agitation spread to Gowliguda Chaman as well.

The areas Siddiamber Bazar, Afzalgunj, Gowliguda, Begum Bazar, Kalapathar, Chatrinaka, Shah-Ali Banda, Puranapul, Afzalgunj, M J Market, Shamshergunj and Moosabowli were all reported to have witnessed trouble in the Old City.
Toilet paper will never show this, after all these creatures have no voice.