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Self styled 'Secular' Congress plays religious politics

First Published :
11 Dec 2010 02:24:08 PM IST

WASHINGTON: Post 26/11, a section of the Congress leadership was seen playing religious politics after one of its leaders, A R Antulay, implied that Hindutva forces may have been involved in the Mumbai terror attacks, according to a confidential memo by the then US ambassador to India, David Mulford, released by WikiLeaks."The Congress Party, after first distancing itself from the comments (of Antulay, the then minority affairs minister), two days later issued a contradictory statement which implicitly endorsed the conspiracy. During this time, Antulay's completely unsubstantiated claims gained support in ... Indian-Muslim community," Mulford wrote in his secret cable to the State Department on December 23, 2008."Hoping to foster that support for upcoming national elections, the Congress Party cynically pulled back from its original dismissal and lent credence to the conspiracy," Mulford wrote.Regardless of Home Minister P Chidambaram's dismissal of Antulay's comments, the Indian-Muslim community "will continue to believe they are unfairly targeted by law enforcement and that those who investigate the truth are silenced," he said in the cable."The entire episode demonstrates that the Congress Party will readily stoop to the old caste/religious-based politics if it feels it is in its interest," Mulford alleged, according to the cable posted by WikiLeaks on its website yesterday. The United States has neither confirmed or denied the authenticity of these cables, but said that some 250,000 papers have been stolen from its system and demanded that WikiLeaks the whistle blower website return them back to the State Department.According to WikiLeaks, there are some 1,300 cables from the US embassy in New Delhi. However, only half a dozen of them have been posted by it on its website.Mulford said while the killing of three high-level law enforcement officers during the Mumbai attacks, including ATS chief Hemant Karkare, "is a remarkable coincidence, the Congress Party's initial reaction to Antulay's outrageous comments was correct.""But as support seemed to swell among Muslims for Antulay's unsubstantiated claims, crass political opportunism swayed the thinking of some Congress Party leaders," he wrote. "What's more, the (Congress) party made the cynical political calculation to lend credence to the conspiracy even after its recent emboldening state elections victories. The party chose to pander to Muslims' fears, providing impetus for those in the Muslim community who will continue to play up the conspiracy theory," Mulford wrote in his cable.While "cooler heads" eventually prevailed within the Congress leadership, the idea that the party would entertain "such outlandish claims proved once again that many party leaders are still wedded to the old identity politics," he said.The 79-year-old Antulay "was probably bewildered to find that his remarks, similar in vein to what he would have routinely made in the past to attack the BJP, created such a furor this time," Mulford said.The cable noted that Antulay "sparked a political controversy on December 17 with comments insinuating that the killing of Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) Chief Hemant Karkare by the Mumbai terrorists was somehow linked to Karkare's investigation of (Malegaon) bombings in which radical Hindus are suspected."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Muttiah Muralidaran: Best Bowler The World Has Ever Seen Retires

Emotionally confused, both sad and happy. Sad to see the Sri Lankan ace, Murali go but happy that Indian batsmen (and other countries' batsmen, for that matter ) don't have to face him. Even in his last match, Murali went on high with 8 wickets (he has 800 in all) against us. As a Chennai Super King fan (atleast, for the last 3 seasons of Indian Premier League), would love to see him retained for next IPL.

Bye Bye MURALIDARAN and may God bless you and your family forever.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jammu and Kashmir

J&Ks dependency on Centre alarming


While Jammu & Kashmir continues through an endless cycle of calm-confrontation-curfew,it is facing a disastrous financial situation.Recently released Reserve Bank of India data on state finances shows how highly dependent J&K is on the central governments support.
In 2009-10,J&K received Rs 13,252 crore as grants from the Centre,which constitutes nearly 60% of the states total expenditure.In fact,for the past two decades since the separatist movement spread in the Kashmir valley,the centre has been propping up the state through similar doles.In all,J&K has received grants amounting to Rs 94,409 crore between 1989-90 and 2009-10.
For over a decade,from 1994-95 to 2005-06,the state received 10-12 % of all grants disbursed by the central government to the states.In 2009-10,this proportion had dipped slightly to about 8%.This is way above J&Ks share of Indias population,which is a mere 1%.
Is the Centre providing similar support to the other hotspot of insurgency in India the northeast Not quite.According to the RBI report,in 2009-10,the eight northeastern states received grants and loans worth Rs 29,084 crore from the Centre,which was 44% of their combined total expenditure,which is significantly lower than in J&K.These figures raise two questions about J&K : one,how is this money being spent,and two,why is it not helping in soothing the discontent that is obviously so widespread
Spending on the social sector schools,health,rural development,etc in J&K is surprisingly low at about 30% of aggregate expenditure.That is the fourth lowest proportion among all states.The all-state average is 40% and states like Chhattisgarh (54%),Maharashtra (50%) and Rajasthan (46%) do much better.What is even more surprising in the case of J&K is that it has been stagnating at this level for nearly thirty years.
As can be expected for a mountainous region wracked by insurgency,administrative expenditure is high in J&K,working out to about 12% of all expenditure.But Himachal and Sikkim,other Himalayan states,spend only about 6% on administration.So,perhaps J&Ks high administrative costs are largely due to the disturbed situation.But Tripura with 16% and Mizoram with 14% of funds spent on administration have managed to attain stability and peace.Obviously,the high expenditure on administration in J&K is not really working.
A clue to this conundrum can be found in the per capita spending by state governments.Three mountainous border states,Sikkim,Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh,which have had militancy problems,but have been relatively stable for a long period,spent Rs 59 lakh,Rs 35 lakh and Rs 38 lakh per capita in 2009-10.
In J&K,the annual per capita spending by the state is far short of this,at about Rs 20 lakh.Meghalaya,Manipur and Nagaland all states wracked by insurgency to varying degrees have similar spending levels ranging between Rs 18 to 21 lakh per capita per annum.So,part of the answer to the question as to why pouring money into J&K is not solving the problem lies in the fact that not enough money is being spent,because the state itself is not generating enough revenue.The other part,of course,is whether money shown as spent is really reaching the people.Whats your guess.
Freeloading islamic bigots of Kashmir and christian terrorism infested North East. Even dogs do not bite the hand that feeds them.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiring based on the religion of the applicant

Numbers sourced from the ministry of minority affairs {should be renamed ministry of muslim and christian affairs} show that 2009 registered a huge six-fold increase in the number of people from minority communities recruited to jobs in public sector banks and other public sector financial institutions compared to 2007. The story, however, does not end there. The recruitment of minorities into railway jobs doubled from 2007 to 2009 and a strong surge was also visible in their appointments in the paramilitary forces and various public sector undertakings (PSUs).

The change, however, has not come about on its own. It is the result of a concerted policy effort by Manmohan Singh's government which first brought out the 'Prime Minister's New 15-Point Programme for Welfare of Minorities' in June 2006. Among other things - like better access for minorities to education and giving technical training to improve their skills - the programme clearly said that "special consideration" would be given to members of minority communities for filling up posts in "police, railways, nationalized banks and PSUs".

There is no religion-based quota for jobs in India. However, in this case, the PM's words were followed by action and on January 8, 2007, the Department of Personnel & Training circulated revised guidelines to all central ministries and departments asking them to give special consideration to the recruitment of minorities in central government offices and central PSUs.
Re the bolded part above, one need not be Einstein to understand simple things - jobs are given based on an applicant's religion, not merit, but it is still not a religion based quota, huh. It is a religion based quota, through the backdoor, since if made into a law, it'll be opposed tooth and nail. What is next best thing to do? Pressurize and drop hints to hire people based on their religion without going through a legal process and discriminate against people belonging to other religions.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Britain bans Islamic preacher Zakir Naik

Kudos to Britain for taking a step in the right direction and banning this hate mongering joke of a man.

PTI, Jun 18, 2010, 06.12pm IST
LONDON: Britain has banned controversial Indian Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik, who once claimed that "every Muslim should be a terrorist," from entering the country, citing his "unacceptable behaviour".

Home Secretary Theresa May said 44-year-old Naik would not be allowed to enter the country under laws that can exclude anyone who writes or publishes material that can "foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence".

Indian television preacher Naik was due to give a series of lectures at arenas in Wembley and Sheffield.

May said the doctor was being excluded because repeated comments attributed to him was evidence of his "unacceptable behaviour".

She said: "Coming to the UK is a privilege not a right, and I am not willing to allow those who might not be conducive to the public good to enter the UK."

Website footage had shown the preacher making the claim that every Muslim should embrace terrorism.

Naik said Muslims should beware of people saying Osama bin Laden was right or wrong, adding: "If you ask my view, if given the truth, if he is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him.

If he is terrorising the terrorists, if he is terrorising America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, every Muslim should be a terrorist."

He is also reported as saying that western women make themselves "more susceptible to rape" by wearing revealing clothing.

Mumbai-born Naik is a medical doctor by profession, having attained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Mumbai.

Naik is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) which is a non-profit organisation. It also owns and broadcasts the free-to-air global Peace TV channel.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

13 Naxal Terrorism supporters held

Jun 18, 2010
Kolkata: The West Bengal police on Wednesday arrested 13 Maoist sympathisers, including a scientist, a professor and an author. They have been charged with sedition and waging war against the state. Among others detained, members of human rights group APDR, were let off.

Nisha Biswas, scientist of Central Ceramic and Glass Research Centre, Kanishka Choudhury, professor of Behala college and author-activist Manik Mondal were produced in a Midnapore court on Wednesday.

They were picked up on Tuesday along with 70 others by the joint security forces while trying to meet Maoist leaders in Lalgarh. Now, they have been remanded in judicial custody for 14 days along with 10 others.

The arrests came just before the joint forces did their most successful operation in Lalgarh, only two days before the completion of one year of their operation. At least eight Maoists were killed. Over the past 12 months, the forces had killed only 12 Maoists. Maoists killed many more, including 24 para-military soldiers in one single attack.

It was not without reason that for the first time, the joint forces personnel were seen congratulating each other.

Ardhendu Saha, public prosecutor said, “They said that they had come for a survey but the police realised that they were instigating villagers with anti-national thoughts. That’s why they were arrested.”

The West Bengal police sources have told CNN-IBN that the arrested scientist, professor and author figured in their intelligence reports for the past 18 months. Their phone conversation have been tapped and recorded. Police claim they are incriminating enough to slap them with charges of sedition and trying to wage war against the state. Human rights groups have called the arrests a farce.

Sujato Bhadra, Association For Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR){A chargesheeted naxal terrorist overground supporting group like PUCL, PUDR} said, “If there is any evidence that they were supporting Maoist organisations, they (police) could have arrested them much earlier.”

West Bengal police's record to produce evidence against the Maoists and their sympathisers isn't exactly glorious. At the same time, it's clear that the crackdown has started on the sympathisers who provide money and hideouts to the Maoists

(With inputs from Sougata Mukhopadhyay)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

History of Nagaland

Was searching for history of Nagaland and came across this article by Sh. Tarun Vijay,

Manipuris also feel threatened by the growing clout of the separatist Naga organizations like National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isaac-Muivah group (NSCN-IM) which demands a chunk from Manipur to create a "Greater Nagalim for Christ". In fact, Nagaland was created on December 1, 1963 slicing off parts of Assam, namely Naga Hills, Tuensang district and Dimapur after a fierce insurgency launched by A Z Phizo, who took refuge in London under British patronage and the Church's support. They still nourish a dream to create a Christian-dominated colony serving British and US interests in the region and their "war cry" is "Republic of Nagalim for Christ."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

An example of routine media bias

No debates or shrill rants by Burka Dutt and uND-TV and total silence of our limp dick media on this molester mullah shows the persistent media bias in favour of muslims and a lack of character amongst the greedy and tankhaiya media honchos. Samir and Vineet Jain, protectors of freedom of press, where are you chaps and why this news does not make the front page? Counting dollars or throwing Page 3 parties where I see your ugly faces often, eh?

Maulvi accused of molesting minor girl students
TNN, Jun 11, 2010, 09.27pm IST

SURAT: A complaint has been lodged at Kosamba police station against a maulvi, who has been accused of molesting girls at the madrasa and forcing them to have oral sex with him. Parents of two seven-year-old girls have told police that maulvi Mahebub Malek has been victimising their daughters at the madrasa.

Police started investigation on Friday against the accused after the complaint of sexual molestation was lodged.

The incident came to light when one of the victims informed her parents. The girl allegedly told them that the maulvi forced her and other girls to do oral sex and threatened them not to say anything about it to anyone. She alleged that the girls were being molested by him for the past few months.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Publicity Hungry and Socialist Yahoo Arundhati Roy

Publicity craving Arundhati Roy fancies being Suu Kyi of wrong things

NEW DELHI: Writer-activist Arundhati Roy, who has been throwing pity parties for Maoists, has said that Naxalism should be an “armed movement.”

“It ought to be an armed movement. Gandhian way of opposition needs an audience, which is absent here. People have debated long before choosing this form of struggle, Ms Roy, who had saluted the people of Dantewada after 76 CRPF and police personnel were butchered by Maoists in one of the deadliest attack targeting security forces, said.

“I am on this side of line. I do not care... pick me up put me in jail,” she said while delivering a lecture, ‘The War on People’ organised by the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights in Mumbai on Wednesday night.

Ms Roy, a regular at the cop-bashing seminars organised by those engaged in white-washing terror unleashed by Maoists, purveyed the by-now-familiar ‘root cause’ theory. She termed the Naxalite violence as a corollary to the battle between tribals and corporate houses to gain control over natural resources like minerals, water and forests.

“What the government calls Maoists corridor, is in fact MoU-ist corridor. You have an MoU on every mountain, river...MoUs signed by biggest corporations in the world who are waiting to gain hold of the resources,” Ms Roy said.

The activist was scathing in her attack of those who are reluctant to buy into her dangerous theory that Naxalism movement alone can provide answers to current problems. “The Naxal movement could be nothing but an armed struggle. I am not supporting violence. But I am also completely against contemptuous atrocities-based political analysis,” she said.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Islamist discrimination goes on, UPA looks the other way

'Govt thwarting return of migrants to valley'
An organisation of Kashmiri Pandits on Saturday accused Kupwara district administration of taking possession of their land and thwarting the chances of their return to their ancestral homes in the valley.

"Not the Muslims of Kupwara, but district administration itself is acquiring the land of Kashmiri Pandits in four villages of the district, thereby thwarting the ways and means for return of KPs to their ancestral homes", President of Sanatan Dharam Sabha (SDS) B L Pandita told reporters.

He alleged that the administration in the border district had acquired land of Kashmiri Pandits in villages of Kherman Hanood, Kherman Nandram, Khanabal and Handwara.

The district administration has been acquiring the leftover land of KP migrants in these villages for construction of stadium, floriculture park, tourism hut and police line in violation of the provisions of J&K Migrant Immovable Property (Preservation, Protection and Restrain on distress sale) Act 1997, he said.

The officers of the district administration have been doing it despite the circulars issued by Revenue Department vide No. Rev/mr/56/2009 dated July 14, 2009 in which the state government has said that acquiring properties of migrants is contradictory to its policy and will upset the process of return and rehabilitation of migrants to the valley, Pandita said.
Jazia on Amarnath yatra: furthering the Islamic cause
Nancy Kaul
21 May 2010

The dark ages of Islamic domination seem to be slowly seeping back into independent India. First was the Kashmiri Muslim hegemony of not allowing land and infrastructure for Hindu yatris; and now Jazia has been levied on the pilgrims and langars for the revered Amarnath Yatra.

In their appeasement of Muslims, the Omar Abdullah Government and Governor N.N. Vohra-led Sri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB), have fallen on the repressive Mughal policy of imposing Jazia (religious tax) on Hindus in their very own country.

The abode of Lord Shiva, Amriteswara tirtha, is a pilgrimage precious to Hindus; the Shiva lingam manifests itself in the holy cave of Sri Amarnathji. The yatra to Sri Amarnath is as old as the history of Kashmir and Neelmat Purana bears testimony to this. Rishi Kashyap, Adi Sankara, Vivekananda and the common Hindu find peace and solace in the darshan of the Holy Lingam; the soul is entrenched in the divine manifestation.

A levy of Rs 15/- from each yatri (pilgrim) for registration was not considered sufficient by the authorities, so they imposed a charge of Rs 2,800/- per day (earlier Rs 300/day) on the buses and trucks, and Rs 2,300/- on light vehicles, carrying food supplies and pilgrims, in addition to the toll tax on entering the State of Jammu & Kashmir at Lakhanpur. The State Government has not stopped at this, and has further sponsored the radicalisation process by asking the Langar committees, which constitute religious and social organisation, to deposit a non-refundable sum of Rs 25,000/-! At the same time, the area on which the langars are to run has been considerably reduced.

The proponents of Islam have thus imposed religious tax on Hindu yatris, whereas they spend thousands of lakhs of rupees on Muslims in terms of Urs and Haj.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in one breath does away with the tax on houseboat owners and hoteliers in Kashmir, and on the other hand imposes Jazia on Hindus; they will have to pay even for placing their shoes in the racks near the cave and toll on entering the State. These measures reek of an illogical bent towards Islamic talibanisation and immense hatred channelled at slighting the religious sentiments of the Hindus.

Sri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) is in charge of the yatra and the money that the devotees offer. The Board has yet to come clean on how the money is used. The money accumulated should have been used for infrastructure development and yatri comfort; however, typically this money donated by Hindus is being diverted towards the amusement and entertainment of Kashmiri Muslims. In 2006, the then Governor Lt Gen (retd) S.K. Sinha launched a Sufi festival (SASB along with ICCR) in Srinagar on the banks of the Dal Lake, where artistes from Pakistan apart from others participated, with the money of Sri Amarnath Shrine Board! Lakhs was spent and since then ever year this sham of Sufism is conducted from the money of the devotees of Amarnath ji.

Governor Vohra has increased the paradigm of this entertainment sham and it continues. The role of Shri Vohra during the Amarnath Yatra and his overtures to Muslims are neither reformed nor new. His closeness to the People’s Democratic Party is no secret, and along with the Kashmiri Muslims he was largely responsible for the atrocities heaped on the nationalistic Jammu population when they stood up for the Yatra in 2008.

As Chairman of the SASB, N.N. Vohra wanted Muslims as Board members, a move which would have meant direct Muslim interference in a Hindu shrine, whereas no moves to include Hindus in Wakf Boards are ever conceived. Yet the present committee of six members has so far maintained silence over this issue.

The present Chief Minister, who has yet to prove his acumen, has rushed to play to the separatist gallery. His by now famous speech in Parliament, “I am a Muslim and I am an Indian…” and, “not even an inch of land will be given,” with reference to the Amarnath agitation of Jammu cannot be wished away.

Omar Abdullah is so emotionally overwrought for the gun-totting terrorists and their life in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, where they went for terror training to unleash violence in Jammu & Kashmir and the rest of India, that he wants the Centre not to ask them to surrender, but to give them an honourable return. He wants the Central Government to clear four crossover points for them to return to India with their families. Such magnanimity for one group, such pettiness for another community!

The terror network that these terrorism-trained Kashmiri Muslims are part of in PoK and Pakistan is still intact; so is the motive to unleash terror on India through overt and covert means and thousand cuts. Pakistan has not resiled from its agenda of terrorism against India, nor has Lashkar-e-Toiba and many such terror factories. In a recent meeting organized by the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (new name of the banned LeT) in Lahore, it demanded that the government of Pakistan should either stop India from building dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan or give a ‘free hand’ to the ‘Kashmiri mujahideen’ (read terrorists) to deal with the issue. After the meeting a joint declaration was issued by the JuD which asked the Pakistan government to keep open the option of using force to protect its water resources if India does not stop work on projects on rivers flowing into the country.

The head of JuD's political affairs wing, Abdur Rehman Makki, and the group's Pakistan Water Movement convener, Hafiz Safullah Mansoor, presided over the meet. It included representatives of major political parties including the Pakistan Peoples Party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the Jamaat-e-Islami and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's Tehrik-e-Insaaf.

Interestingly, Omar Abdullah wants the Indian State to give amnesty to terrorists who could still be part of this terror network. The terror network with the active help of Pakistan is also taking advantage of the trade and bus routes between Kashmir and POK. Recently, two PoK citizens were sent to judicial lock-up for smuggling satellite phones for a commander and working for militants (read terrorists). One of them had reached Poonch via the weekly Poonch-Rawlakote bus service, while the other was arrested in Mendhar for travelling via the Wagah border.

Another ISI agent managed to return to PoK after spending a month in Mendhar; his involvement surfaced only after he had gone back. Earlier, few traders on Uri-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawlakote route were found working for militants/terrorists by providing hawala money which was being used to fund militancy and terrorism. Sources confirm that the intelligence agencies have issued an alert on this front again.

As if this was not enough, Omar Abdullah has further rushed to the rescue of terrorist Afzal Guru, who has been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court for masterminding the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001. He wants Afzal Guru to be treated like other criminals. A person holding the office of Chief Minister should know better, for Afzal Guru is no criminal but a terrorist. This love for a terrorist is followed by another MLA of Kashmir.

Abdul Rashid, MLA from Langate, attended the funeral prayers of three terrorists killed in a recent encounter with security forces in Handwara area of the frontier Kupwara district. A fortnight ago, the Army launched Operation Thunder Strike, to neutralize terrorists. The MLA in his speech in Shazipora grounds wanted the government to talk to armed terrorists. “The key of peace lies with militants, and there should be direct negotiations with them for they have rendered sacrifices,” he said.

This appalling love for Islamic terrorists and Jazia for Hindu Yatris raises vital questions about the efforts of Pakistan, terror organisations, and the likes of Omar, Mufti, Rashid and others. The effort to Talibanise Indian Muslim society is getting a fillip by such overt and covert actions.

It will be pertinent to watch what the UPA chairperson will do about this tax on Amarnath, as it was her mother-in-law and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who desired the concrete flight of stairs to be made in the 1970s; Indira ji’s love for Shiva and Shakti is well known. Her interpretation of Kashmir was not Islam, but the thousands of years of Advaita Shaivism and Shakti – the fountainhead of Indian Hindu Sanskriti and heritage. She would visit Amarnath and a Shakti peeth in Kashmir with deep devotion.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will also have to answer the nation for this talibanisation in Jammu & Kashmir under his watch. On a recent visit to Saudi Arabia, First Lady Gursharan Kaur, the Prime Minister’s wife, insisted on wearing her usual dress of sari and half-sleeve blouse. Will she stand up this time too?

Will the Prime Minister, for he had said:

Deh shiva var mohe hai shubh karman te kabhun na daroon

na daroon ersoh jab chahe laroon, nishche kar apni jeet karoon

[O Siva, grant me the boon that I will never fear to do the right action

That I will not fear, will fight when I want, and with determination will be victorious]

-Guru Gobind Singh

Or do Indians have to look for Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, and Shivaji Maharaj.
The author is convener, Daughters of Vitasta

Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook Blocks Access in India to Controversial Page

Where are the freedom of speech and expression perverts? Practicing their art selectively, i am sure.

Facebook has blocked in India the controversial "Everybody draw Mohammed Day!" page that last week led to the site being banned in Pakistan.

The move follows protests by Muslims in the country over the page which invites users to put up caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

"Out of respect for the local regulations, standards and customs, we have decided to restrict access to the 'Everyone Draw Mohammed!' page from India, after being contacted by authorities and reviewing the matter closely," a spokeswoman for Facebook said on Sunday in an email.

We have not removed the Page from Facebook, but have only restricted access to it from India," she added.

The page was inaccessible from India from late Saturday.

Officials at India's Departments of Telecommunications and Ministry of Home Affairs said on Sunday that they were not aware of the Indian government blocking the site. The country's Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 allows the government to block web sites under certain conditions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sonia Gandhi statement on Maoists hailed

Well, well, well after self imposed maun vrat, do read Sonia Maino's opinion on Maoist terrorism. As soon as the statement came out, it was hailed by poisonous people(bolded below in the article) masquerading as writers, academics basically Naxal-Lites if not full naxal terrorists. Surely, if these bigoted people hail this statement, it cannot be good for the common folks but excellent news for their goonda comrades.
New Delhi: Writers, academics and jurists have hailed Congress president Sonia Gandhi's statement that the "extreme neglect" of tribal areas is linked to Maoist insurgency.

"We welcome the statement ... that the extreme neglect of the tribal areas is at the root of the present crisis in those (Maoist) regions," they said in a joint statement here.

"We hope this appreciation of the need to go deeper into the question would lead to initiatives for immediate cessation of hostilities and dialogue so that the process of people-oriented development can be made feasible."

The signatories to the statement include former Supreme Court judges VR Krishna Iyer and PB Sawant, poets Shankar Ghosh and Joy Goswami, writers Mahasweta DevI and Arundhati Roy, historian Romila Thapar, playwright Bibhas Chakraborty, former Indian ambassador to Portugal Madhu Bhaduri, academics Amit Bhaduri, Amit Bhattacharyya, PK Vijayan and Randhir Singh, and Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan.

The statement was issued just before Maoist guerrillas blasted a bus in Chhattisgarh Monday killing more than 30 people. The Maoists are most active in tribal areas, which are home to the poorest of the poor in the country.
Lets keep the Naxal-Lite (bolded above) scumbags rants and breastbeatings aside and focus on the statement of Sonia Maino. Just see how extremely neglected was Kobad Gandhi, a naxalite thug arrested by the police in 2009?
Kobad Ghandy was born to Nergis and Adi, a senior finance executive in Glaxo. He hails from a wealthy Gujarati Parsi family in Mumbai. They lived in a huge house at Worli Seaface in Bombay. His sister, Maharukh, ran a family hotel in Mahableshwar with her husband. His brother, Farokh, ran an ice-cream unit.

He did his schooling from Doon School, where he was Congress leader, Sanjay Gandhi's classmate. He went to St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and did his chartered accountancy from London.
Tsk tsk tsk, see how poor and extremely neglected was Kobad!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Judicial activism to blame for Naxal rise
MYSORE: Union law minister Veerappa Moily on Monday asked the judiciary to restrain itself from admitting PILs and said "unrealistic judicial activism on the part of the judges is one of the main reasons for increased Naxalism in the country".

Talking to reporters here, he said the Supreme court judgment in the Godavarman case, which in his words was against the ground realities and prevailing conditions in the forests, led to the displacement of a large number of tribals forcing them to join Maoist groups. "If the court had exhibited restraint and gone according to ground realities today situation in the forests would have been totally different," he said, adding that even the new Supreme Court CJ had raised the point.

In the Godavarman case, the SC had expanded the scope of the term "forest" and included within its scope forests mentioned in the government record as well as forests in the dictionary meaning irrespective of the nature of ownership and classification on December 12, 1996.

Moily said his concern was that when judges admit PILs and deliver judgments, "they should be realistic and go by the ground realities instead of believing arguments". He echoed Congress leader Dijvijay Singh's on "Salwa Judum" and said it was a blunder committed by the state government to deal with the Naxal menace. "There is no difference of opinion in the UPA government on the issue of tackling Naxalism," he claimed.
Naxal sympathizers will find it tough
NEW DELHI: The massacre of civilians by Maoists could not have come at a worse time for their champions and sympathisers among civil society and the political class. It exposes their claim about Maoists being "misplaced ideologues" — who are fighting the cause of the poor and the downtrodden — as false just when a propaganda has been cranked up to guilt trip the state into abandoning the fight against the extremists.

The massacre of bus passengers is a far more heinous crime than the massacre of CRPF personnel. The paramilitary personnel who were butchered came from families of marginal farmers and landless labourers. Though they did not qualify to be class enemies whose annihilation was an ideal to be achieved by Maoists, their pamphleteers have sought to justify their criminal deed by tagging their victims as mercenaries of the anti-people state.

Moreover, they were armed and trained to fight back in their defence. The bus passengers who were killed could not be accused of any such crime. Even if you count out the 20 alleged Special Police Officers, the Maoists, in their pursuit of the goal of capture of state power, killed at least 30 innocent unarmed combatants.

The defenders of Maoists raise a cacophony of protests against collateral casualties US forces cause even when they are on genuine anti-terror missions. But there are many instances when even the US has called off operations that looked set to eliminate terrorists for the fear of causing collateral damage.

In fact, those who regularly attack the government for not agreeing to a truce on terms dictated by Maoists cannot justify the killing of the SPOs either. For, to act otherwise would amount to conceding the spurious argument that while the government should give up violence, Maoists are justified in killing whoever they treat as 'class enemies' and their adjuncts since they are fighting for the rights of the poor.

The latest brutality should alert civil society to the fact that while Maoists will exploit their resourcefulness for tactical reasons, they actually care two hoots for what civil rights activists and others stand for. The bus passengers were killed just when advocates of Maoists in the political class and among rights activists were gloating over their alleged success in forcing the government to concede that the threat of extremists could not be tackled merely by using force. The killing of civilians shows that for Marxists, indiscriminate violence remains the most preferred weapon, although for tactical reasons, they may invoke the Constitution and the rule of law enshrined there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parmarth Niketan and Jeremy Pivens Journey of a Lifetime

I saw Swami Chidanand and Rishikesh for the first time on a Discovery Channel show called Jeremy Pivens Journey of a Lifetime. Then searching for his ashram, stumbled on to Parmarth Niketan and its Gurukul. Saw this advertisement in the paper and am thankful to people associated with Nirmal Ganga, Sparsh Ganga project.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Support Naxals, face punishment

NEW DELHI: Toughening its stance against Naxalites, the Centre on Thursday warned Maoist sympathizers — including members of civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — found supporting the ultras by propagating their ideology or by any other means to be ready to face severe punishment.

The dire warning, which marks a significant escalation and carries the risk of confrontation with influential rights activists, also represents a rebuff to the post-Dantewada clamour for a relook at the use of force against Naxals.

The law, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, empowers the state to punish those collaborating with a banned organization with imprisonment up to 10 years. Besides, section 39 of the UAPA also provides for fine to be slapped on those found collaborating with extremists.

Though the two provisions have been enforced by authorities in states worst affected by violence, state governments as well as the Centre have more often than not winked at the espousal of the Maoist cause by the rights activists. The declaration of the new intent came a day after home minister P Chidambaram was heckled in JNU, though the Centre's annoyance over continued support for the extremists from sections of civil society goes back a while.

The home ministry said, "It has come to the notice of the government that some Maoist leaders have been directly contacting certain NGOs and intellectuals to propagate their ideology and persuade them to take steps, which would provide support to the CPI (Maoist) ideology."

Asking the general public to be extremely vigilant of the propaganda of the Maoists and not unwittingly become a victim of such propaganda, the ministry said, "This is being issued in public interest so that the general public are aware that the CPI (Maoist) and all its formations and front organizations are terrorist organizations whose sole aim is armed overthrow of the Indian state and that they have no place in India's parliamentary democracy."

In what can come as a rude shock for civil rights activists, the investigating agencies looking into Naxal affairs along with Delhi Police also warned the citizens to be 'careful' before throwing their weight behind Maoists. This comes at a time when several such activists have been named in the FIR along with Kobad Ghandy for helping the alleged Naxalite leader in waging war against the state.

A senior Delhi Police officer said there was ''growing evidence'' that a section of the intelligentsia was helping the Naxal leaders flee states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal to set up base in colonies of east and south Delhi. ''Besides this, these individuals are also helping various frontal organizations of the Maoists to raise funds,'' said the official.

The recent arrest of Naxal leader Gopal has given important clues to the Delhi Police in this regard, said senior special cell officers.

The civil rights activists are, however, livid over the directive. Gautam Navlakha{Off course this Navlakha joker will be livid and outraged as he is one of those named in the Kobad Gandhi FIR}, a senior editor with a prominent magazine, said that such a directive from the home ministry was ''outrageous''. ''This is an attempt to thwart dissenting voices and a demand that all individuals toe the official line. Even a couple of Congress men led by Digvijay Singh had protested the recent development. Is the government planning to silence him too?'' questioned Navlakha.{Tomorrow this fool will demand Kasab be released, that is, if he and his ilk haven't already done so. And he will label it as a "dissenting voice" to which no dissent is allowed. I refuse to buy his idiotic and hoary morality which is different from normal morality and vehemently register my dissent. India, it seems, has more than its fair share of arse holes and suddenly these twerps are coming out of the woodwork, what gives?}

Monday, April 19, 2010

Indian Supreme Court and its mysterious ways

SC upholds ban on book against Islam
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday said it was more concerned with peace in society than a person's fundamental right to freedom of speech and upheld a Maharashtra government ban on a book titled "A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims".{Basically, it is a open lesson for Hindus - Mofo Husain denigrates Hindu Gods/Godesses, protests against his perverted paintings will do zilch instead attack mohammedans, their properties etc and our courts, which are more concerned with peace in society than a person's fundamental right to freedom of speech and thought, will do the rest.}

Petitioner R V Bhasin had challenged the state government's 2007 decision four years after the publication of the book to ban it on the ground that it perpetrated hatred against Muslims, promoted enmity between communities and on the apprehension that it would breach harmony in society.

The Bombay High Court had said that the state government committed no wrong by banning the book. "The way this sensitive topic is handled by the author, it is likely to arouse the emotions and sensibilities of even strong minded people. We have held that criticism of Islam is permissible like criticism of any other religion and the book cannot be banned on that ground...But the author has gone on to pass insulting comments on Islam."

Dismissing the appeal against the HC order, an apex court Bench comprising Justices P Sathasivam and H L Dattu said it agreed with the HC that a person's freedom to expression permitted him to criticise a religion, but it could not be at the cost of public interest and public peace.

"We should not allow this kind of book to be read by citizens. You are entitled to criticise a religion. But, if an ordinary citizen reads your book, then there could be some misconception leading to clash between communities," the Bench said refusing to entertain the appeal.

"We are not against your right. But, we are more for public interest and public peace in the country," the Bench said, adding that it was satisfied that the HC had considered the matter threadbare before upholding the ban.{Ooooh moral bombast is one thing Messrs Sathasivam and Dattu but what about the violation of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights especially the right to freedom of speech and expression. So tomorrow if anybody criticizes any religion, you will be banning his books and prosecute him/her under IPC. I promise to watch this space.}
Heard and read a lot about freedom of speech, thought and what not during publicity hungry and an absconding criminal MF Hussain saga. But the same voices who went ballistic at that time are silent when this news report came out. Because our secular dickheads are actually Hinduphobes and do not believe a word of what they say. To them, if you score a brownie point against Hindus, it is a good day in the office but such news reports exposes them as two bit cowards who will capitulate moment who threaten them with violence and actually carry it out. That is the reason why they never speak about freedom of speech type arguments when it comes to mohammedans and islamic cult. These jokers are following a set script but what about the Supreme Court? What is their fear or motivation? Can it be that they too are scared of jihadist loon's and the political fallout? I think this is most probably the case and it only erodes the credibility of Supreme Court and its verdicts in the past and future regarding these types of cases should be microscopically examined and the incompetent cowering cowards of Supreme Court should be named, shamed and stripped off their positions.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DNA: Rest assured, this jawan at LoC 'will die but not let anyone intrude'

Aanganpathri (Line of Control): Sub-zero temperature, massive snowfall and high velocity winds are an alien experience for Havaldar M Kumar Velu, who grew up in warm and humid Tamil Nadu. But as he negotiates 12-feet deep snow at an altitude of 10,500 feet along the fence on the Line of Control (LoC) at an ungodly 4am, worry-lines don’t furrow his head. It’s the call of duty, “nothing less than religion’’.

“Every day is a challenge for me. Protecting the LoC against the enemy is a matter of honour for all of us. We will die but not let anyone cross over,” says Velu. This sums up the mood at Fox-land, the company headquarters of 40 Rashtriya Rifles (RR), which has been deployed on the LoC forward base.

The soldiers are on extra vigil now. It is summer and time for infiltrators to sneak in. There are already reports that 2,000 to 2,500 militants are training in camps in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and looking to cross the borders soon. For Velu and his colleagues in the Aanganpathri company, the hostile weather can wait.

“There are approximately 42 training camps across the border. Thirty-four of them are active in the PoK,” Gurdeep Singh, brigadier general of staff (BGS) of the Jammu based 16 Corps, says.

The soldiers of the Aanganpathri company know the gravity of their job. They guard a strategically crucial route, the shortest for infiltration. It connects Jammu and Kashmir through mountains south of Pir Panjal. The company covers 22 kilometres of the LoC and has some posts at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Terrorists use the Makhni Nallah to enter the valley. It is this threat that makes this company one of the important components of the army’s anti-infiltration strategy.

“The inclement weather, a combination of snow, rain, fog and high-speed winds reduces the visibility and enables terrorists to infiltrate. Our aim is to negate infiltration or ex-filtration,” Major DK Bansal, company commander of 40 RR, says.

What makes the work of Velu and his colleagues unenviable is their company is deployed opposite to some of the launch pads established by the Pakistani troops on their side of the LoC.

“Terrorists are launched from these detachments,” said Bansal. The army has a three-tier strategy to foil the designs of militants in summer. It includes area domination, aggressive patrolling, laying ambushes, gathering intelligence and streamlining surveillance.

Velu may be a small cog in the entire operation, but at 4 in the morning, fighting the freezing weather, he is focussed on his job. “National duty comes before everything else,’’ he says.

Two ultras killed
The army on Sunday foiled another infiltration bid, by killing two militants who were trying to sneak in from Keran sector on the LoC in Kupwara district. Two AK rifles, six magazines, 96 rounds, three grenades, an ICOM radio set and a wire cutter were found on them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Times of India (ToI-LeT paper) Lies And Half Truths

About a week ago, the Toilet paper (Times of India) published an article on the recent communal riots in Hyderabad (AP). My first gut feeling on reading this was that there was something amiss and there was more to it since Toilet paper - and most of secular rags which pass off as news papers - have a history of whitewashing and hiding the truth specially when riots are started by Islamic fanatics. No such 'sensitivity' and 'objectivity' is shown when Hindus react to this kind of Islamic extremism. In fact, Toilet paper and secular rags go a step further, they forget the initial spark and focus only on the reaction as if the Hindus had started the riots and muslims are the victims. Such reports (and of ministers caught on the wrong side of the law esp of Congress party) generally do not carry the name of the reporter. What the fuck are you afraid of, Toilet paper?

Two glaring examples - Gujarat riots where local islamic thugs burnt 60 innocent Hindu women, children and men in a train and quite naturally, the islamic thugs were on the receiving end. Fraudulent Toilet paper and other rags conveniently forgot the 60 Hindus roasted alive since the aggressors were one of the two Toilet papers favourite rioters: islamic fanatics. Second favorite rioters of Toilet paper are christian fanatics and there is no better example of the prejudice and anti Hinduness of the turncoat Toilet paper than Kandhamal riots, where a Hindu seer and his disciples were brutally hacked to death by christian fanatics and here also, expectedly a Hindu reaction happened. In both the cases the fanaticism (and the agression, the initial spark) of islamic and christian thugs was overlooked and the gaze was fixed firmly on the Hindus - How can Hindus do
that? As if self defence is a crime in our country and when justice is not given to the Hindus, what will a common Hindu do to defend his faith, loved ones and property? Fighting back and turning a deaf ear whilst showing the middle finger to rabid anti Hindu secular dogs and dear friends' of islamism and christianism jihadis (like Toilet paper and other rags) bleatings, makes sense.

A simple search of the news on the internet regarding Hyderabad riots and I didn't have to wait long. First, the front page of Toilet paper's March 29th, 2010, (words in blue mine)

Riots shatter Hyds calm of 2 decades {And conveniently forget the islamic fundamentalism in Gujarat riots of 2002 or the recent March 2010 Bareilly riots, covered by Toilet Paper in the inside pages where one needs a handheld microscope to read what is written, by narrowing the affected area}
Hyderabad: Communal tension triggered by a fight over flags escalated into full-blown clashes in the Old City of the Andhra capital on Sunday,shattering almost two decades of calm.At least 30 people were injured in sporadic violence while several places of worship and a goshala (cattle shelter ) were targeted by rioters.

Prohibitory orders were imposed in the entire south zone of Hyderabad.Seventy people were arrested and 15 cases registered. Hyderabad police commissioner A K Khan said the violence appeared to have been planned and would be probed by an SIT.Paramilitary forces,including RAF,have been deployed.

Trouble began in Moosabowli on Saturday night when Hindu activists tried to replace green flags with saffron ones.On Sunday,around 11am,police prevented local BJP leaders from visiting Peepal Hanuman temple in Moosabowli.Angered by police action,locals started raining stones on houses and shops belonging to Muslims,leading to retaliation.

Ripple Effect
Trouble began on Saturday night as Hindu activists tried to replace green flags with saffron ones in Moosabowli{Are only green flags allowed to fly? Trouble began when intolerant muslims did not remove their flags after celebrating prophet of superstitious muslims, Mahamad's so called birthday}.
I suspect that the timing and content of the Toilet paper article was part of the media's effort to help islamic jihadis with their campaign of religious cleansing of the region like they have done in Kashmir where half a million Hindus have been murdered and driven away out of the valley by local islamic jihadis. As can be expected, Toilet paper has never reported local Islamic jihadist fanaticism with the same zealousness (op eds, editorials and tin hat wearing writers etc) that they have shown towards Gujarat riots. Toilet paper fools the readers by reporting about pakistan sponsored terrorism in the valley (despite the terrorism, Toilet Paper has a gay fest going on with pakistan called A MAN Ki ASsA). Toilet paper will not tell the truth about local jihadis and will go a step further in covering up the atrocities of local jihadis. Down with these lying arseholes and don't hear what they say.

Now read another report (local paper),

29th Mar, 2010: What started as a show of power by a leading city-based political party has spiralled out of control. Saturday's Hindu-Muslim clashes, despite the police commissioner's assurances of security, are still on. There is tension at Begum Bazar currently, and it remains to be seen how law and order will be restored in the Old City.

How It All Began
On February 24th, the Milad-Un-Nabi celebrations were being carried out in full swing, with heapfuls of support from the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), and flags and buntings being set up in the entire Old City. One month later, these flags were removed to put up saffron flags marking the Sri Ram Navami celebrations on March 24 in Madannapet (near Saidabad Colony), marking the first of the tensions.

On March 27 (Saturday), organisers of Hanuman Jayanti celebrations in Moosa Bowli in the Old City tried to hoist their flags and buntings, removing the ones that had been put up for Milad-un-Nabi, sparking heated arguments, that were followed by clashes.

On the following Sunday, at around 11am, the BJP state unit president G Kishan Reddy and Himayatnagar MLA Baddam Bal Reddy were prevented from visiting the Peepal Hanuman temple in Moosabowli by the police, where clashes took place on Saturday night. Angered, the locals attacked houses and shops of the other community who retaliated with equal vengeance. Attempts were made by the MIM legislators and the BJP leaders to pacify the mob, but none could stop the news from reaching other areas, and violence eventually broke out.

Soon, as rumours aided by SMSes spread like wildfire, stone pelting & vehicles being set ablaze ensued, along with injuries.

Sporadic incidents of violence continued at Gulzar Houz where cameras of some media photographers were damaged, and also in Chatrinaka, Shalibanda, Shamshergunj and Parthiwada.

Stone pelting also began at the Gol Moque in Siddiamber Bazar after the afternoon prayers, and the temple opposite the mosque was also pelted as a riposte. The agitation spread to Gowliguda Chaman as well.

The areas Siddiamber Bazar, Afzalgunj, Gowliguda, Begum Bazar, Kalapathar, Chatrinaka, Shah-Ali Banda, Puranapul, Afzalgunj, M J Market, Shamshergunj and Moosabowli were all reported to have witnessed trouble in the Old City.
Toilet paper will never show this, after all these creatures have no voice.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ammo for future

Texas conservatives get approval to rewrite textbooks

AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light.

Jack Plunkett/Associated Press

Mary Helen Berlanga accused fellow members of the Board of Education of “rewriting history.”

How Christian Were the Founders? (February 14, 2010)
The Lede Blog: Textbooks a Texas Dentist Could Love (March 12, 2010)

The vote was 10 to 5 along party lines, with all the Republicans on the board voting for it.

The board, whose members are elected, has influence beyond Texas because the state is one of the largest buyers of textbooks. In the digital age, however, that influence has diminished as technological advances have made it possible for publishers to tailor books to individual states.

In recent years, board members have been locked in an ideological battle between a bloc of conservatives who question Darwin’s theory of evolution and believe the Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles, and a handful of Democrats and moderate Republicans who have fought to preserve the teaching of Darwinism and the separation of church and state.

Since January, Republicans on the board have passed more than 100 amendments to the 120-page curriculum standards affecting history, sociology and economics courses from elementary to high school. The standards were proposed by a panel of teachers.

“We are adding balance,” said Dr. Don McLeroy, the leader of the conservative faction on the board, after the vote. “History has already been skewed. Academia is skewed too far to the left.”

Battles over what to put in science and history books have taken place for years in the 20 states where state boards must adopt textbooks, most notably in California and Texas. But rarely in recent history has a group of conservative board members left such a mark on a social studies curriculum.

Efforts by Hispanic board members to include more Latino figures as role models for the state’s large Hispanic population were consistently defeated, prompting one member, Mary Helen Berlanga, to storm out of a meeting late Thursday night, saying, “They can just pretend this is a white America and Hispanics don’t exist.”

“They are going overboard, they are not experts, they are not historians,” she said. “They are rewriting history, not only of Texas but of the United States and the world.”

The curriculum standards will now be published in a state register, opening them up for 30 days of public comment. A final vote will be taken in May, but given the Republican dominance of the board, it is unlikely that many changes will be made.

The standards, reviewed every decade, serve as a template for textbook publishers, who must come before the board next year with drafts of their books. The board’s makeup will have changed by then because Dr. McLeroy lost in a primary this month to a more moderate Republican, and two others — one Democrat and one conservative Republican — announced they were not seeking re-election.

There are seven members of the conservative bloc on the board, but they are often joined by one of the other three Republicans on crucial votes. There were no historians, sociologists or economists consulted at the meetings, though some members of the conservative bloc held themselves out as experts on certain topics.

The conservative members maintain that they are trying to correct what they see as a liberal bias among the teachers who proposed the curriculum. To that end, they made dozens of minor changes aimed at calling into question, among other things, concepts like the separation of church and state and the secular nature of the American Revolution.

“I reject the notion by the left of a constitutional separation of church and state,” said David Bradley, a conservative from Beaumont who works in real estate. “I have $1,000 for the charity of your choice if you can find it in the Constitution.”

They also included a plank to ensure that students learn about “the conservative resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s, including Phyllis Schlafly, the Contract With America, the Heritage Foundation, the Moral Majority and the National Rifle Association.”

Dr. McLeroy, a dentist by training, pushed through a change to the teaching of the civil rights movement to ensure that students study the violent philosophy of the Black Panthers in addition to the nonviolent approach of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also made sure that textbooks would mention the votes in Congress on civil rights legislation, which Republicans supported.

“Republicans need a little credit for that,” he said. “I think it’s going to surprise some students.”

Mr. Bradley won approval for an amendment saying students should study “the unintended consequences” of the Great Society legislation, affirmative action and Title IX legislation. He also won approval for an amendment stressing that Germans and Italians as well as Japanese were interned in the United States during World War II, to counter the idea that the internment of Japanese was motivated by racism.

Other changes seem aimed at tamping down criticism of the right. Conservatives passed one amendment, for instance, requiring that the history of McCarthyism include “how the later release of the Venona papers confirmed suspicions of communist infiltration in U.S. government.” The Venona papers were transcripts of some 3,000 communications between the Soviet Union and its agents in the United States.

Mavis B. Knight, a Democrat from Dallas, introduced an amendment requiring that students study the reasons “the founding fathers protected religious freedom in America by barring the government from promoting or disfavoring any particular religion above all others.”

It was defeated on a party-line vote.

After the vote, Ms. Knight said, “The social conservatives have perverted accurate history to fulfill their own agenda.”

In economics, the revisions add Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, two champions of free-market economic theory, among the usual list of economists to be studied, like Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes. They also replaced the word “capitalism” throughout their texts with the “free-enterprise system.”

“Let’s face it, capitalism does have a negative connotation,” said one conservative member, Terri Leo. “You know, ‘capitalist pig!’ ”

In the field of sociology, another conservative member, Barbara Cargill, won passage of an amendment requiring the teaching of “the importance of personal responsibility for life choices” in a section on teenage suicide, dating violence, sexuality, drug use and eating disorders.

“The topic of sociology tends to blame society for everything,” Ms. Cargill said.

Even the course on world history did not escape the board’s scalpel.

Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer from Richmond who is a strict constitutionalist and thinks the nation was founded on Christian beliefs, managed to cut Thomas Jefferson from a list of figures whose writings inspired revolutions in the late 18th century and 19th century, replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone. (Jefferson is not well liked among conservatives on the board because he coined the term “separation between church and state.”)

“The Enlightenment was not the only philosophy on which these revolutions were based,” Ms. Dunbar said.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Naxalites, Lashkar e Taiba conducted recce of power plants for attacks: Govt


Government today said the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Naxalites had undertaken extensive recces in a bid to attack CISF armouries located at power plants in several states.

“Militant and terrorist outfits had planned to target some power plants in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

“Besides LeT, there are also reports of CPI-Maoist having undertaken extensive recces to target CISF armoury located in some power plants,” Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran told Lok Sabha in a written reply.

As on date, 72 power plants all over the country are being provided security cover by Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

There is a proposal to extend CISF security cover to some more power plants in the country and surveys are under process, he said.

According to the CISF, a total of 20,000 personnel are protecting almost 58 installations in Naxal-hit areas.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aman ki asha: An empty slogan while Pak Hindus and Sikhs are beheaded and abducted

Govt condemns abduction of a Hindu living in Pak
Taliban Beheads 2 Sikhs in Pakistan

Singer Abhijeet speaks

Kudos to Abhijeet for saying which the Hindi film industry wallahs can never bring to their lips. Cowards!

Abhijeet has criticised Shah Rukh for speaking in favour of the Pakistani players in the IPL row. The singer has advised Shah Rukh to go to Pakistan to make movies.

He said that while India is liberal towards artistes from Pakistan, Indian performers are not treated the same way by Islamabad.

Abhijeet on Mahesh 'Khujli' Bhatt,
I don’t court controversies, they come to me. I don’t mince my words and call a spade a spade. I am not a hypocrite. Yes, I might have got into a lot of trouble because of my badbolapan but I have stood by what I have said.

Years ago, I had protested about Mahesh Bhatt and his soft corner for Pakistan. But nobody took notice. And see what’s happening now. I want to know why a thorough investigation hasn’t being carried out against the whole Bhatt family? How come no one else in the industry had any connections with US terror suspect David Headley except the Bhatt family? Why do they call Pakistani singers and actors to work in India when we have so much talent here? Both the brothers, Mahesh and Mukesh themselves travel to Delhi and personally get the visas of Pakistani artists made. Why?
Update: Phonies lock horns
It was a meeting meant to sort out the imbroglio between film producers and lyricists-writers,the latters forum represented by Javed Akhtar.But matters took a turn for the worse when Aamir Khan,siding with film producers,said lyricists dont really contribute much to the impact of a song.

It was just too much for poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar to take,and it soon became a war of words between him and Aamir. Says an eyewitness, Aamir made it clear that he felt a song becomes a hit because it is picturised on a big star.To this Javed asked him,Your first big song was Papa Kehte Hain.Did it make you a star or did you make that song run

Things began to get heated,but Aamir stuck to his stand.When Aamir again insisted that its the star who makes a bigger contribution to a song becoming a hit,Javed retorted,Your so-called contribution is nothing but interference.We lyricists would be eternally grateful if you keep your so-called contribution to yourself.We manage to do good work not because of,but in spite of your contribution.

But when Aamir went a step further to claim that in any film,a writer contributes more than a song-writer to the film,it was the last straw for Javed.He said,Good for Chetan Bhagat.

News of the altercation spread like wildfire in the industry.When contacted,Javed Akhtar said,I wouldnt like to comment on what happened between me and Aamir.But this is not just a matter about lyricists,but all writers.Certain royalties have to be paid to writers,which in our film industry,arent paid properly.We writers are almost like bonded labourers.There is no room for us to profit in any way.But the government is making suitable amendments in the favour of writers and musicians.This amendment will benefit everyone,including classical musicians like Pandit Ravi Shankar,who has spoken up in favour of the amendment.

Communists of India - tyrants and murderers

Update since the last post. From IE,

Even in countering the gravest internal security threat to the country, Bengal is yet to step out of its kindergarten picnic. How can it? Its own senior police officers{EFR Special IG Benoy Chakraborty was one} have to cover their face for fear of Maoist wrath. And after they have criticised their government, they are promptly suspended. About that, there’s no hesitation on anybody’s part. Where was such urgency and ready reflex when Maoists stormed the Silda Eastern Frontier Rifles camp and left behind ashes and bodies?

However, Chakraborty, by covering his face in black cloth while publicly blasting his government and a junior in rank, has painted for Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee the only honest picture of the state. Setting aside his allegations against West Midnapore Superintendent of Police Manoj Verma, whatever the IG said about the location, infrastructure, environment and functioning of the Silda camp is right. Those are precisely the questions the nation has been asking, and will be asking, of the Bengal government. Chakraborty, reportedly, had asked repeatedly for the camp to be moved. That was not done, despite the “death band” that police personnel in Maoist-afflicted areas wear. In fact, it is unfortunate that a senior police officer had to take recourse to such a public venting of grievances, making himself, his force and his government look ridiculous.

Behind the Silda massacre and its shameful fallout stands a government that has systematically emasculated its police, making the latter the gatekeepers of partymen. (What was the Silda camp itself set up for initially? To protect CPM men.) Bengal is synonymous with political and police violence. As with everything else, the rationale behind police recruitment, posting and promotion in Bengal has not been merit, but subservience to the party. In the face of Maoists, the same force is the picture of incompetence. Bhattacharjee, who holds the state home portfolio, should ask himself whether, and when, his government will learn its lessons. The morale of his state is broken. Right now, it can’t find its feet. The “oasis of peace” is really a bloodied paradise of ineffectuality. After three-plus decades of subverting every aspect of administration, government, police and people now share their defeatism.

On another front(Jharkhand and Bihar), things are looking bleak. Why? Excerpts from the article(IT),
"The Shibu Soren government has to deal with the menace rather than wait for a dialogue which looks highly improbable and is costing dearly," said state Congress spokesman Radha Krishna Kishore.

Jharkhand Vikas Morcha chief Babulal Marandi said, "It seems the current alliance has come to power on the strength of these Naxalites rather than popular vote. I want a specific answer whether the government is in favour of the Green-Hunt operation or not."

A week after an IG-rank officer in Jharkhand admitted that the joint operations of the two states were a failure, a West Bengal Police DIG involved in the anti-Naxalite operations made similar observations.

"We have failed to break their (Maoists) resources and got our selves entangled reaching nowhere," the DIG said.

Blaming the neighbouring states, a senior police officer said, "Jharkhand and Bihar despite pressure from the Union home ministry are not extending their local police support to hunt down the Maoists. {Jharkhand CM Shibu Soren wants talks with naxal terrorists and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar faces assembly elections this year} This is only boosting their morale. They will come and leave Bengal gunning down people like at the Shilda camp." However, the Jharkhand DGP assured the success of the operations.

In neighbouring West Bengal, a special IG of the Eastern Frontier Rifles, Benoy Chakraborty, blamed the superintendent of police, Manoj Verma, and other senior officers for the Maoist massacre at Shilda.

"The incident happened due to the utterly ignorant attitude of the state government. The SP is fully responsible for the incident," he said at a press conference.

"Over the years, the basic needs of EFR personnel have been overlooked and they were being inhumanely treated. It is unfortunate that no sympathy was shown to the dead EFR jawans and rather their role was criticised during the Maoist attack. Despite the unsafe location, our officers managed to gun down five Maoists. I have no regret what I had said. I covered my face for my security," Chakraborty said.

Million $$$ question, why are these Chief Ministers Soren and Kumar, no less, are pussy footing around Red terror? One can understand the Communist thugs in Bengal Govt in looking the other way or their sheer incompetence in tackling this danger to the country, but why Soren and Kumar - read too many socialist books in their college days, hunger for power at any cost?

In the meanwhile, "Disquiet in CPM after suicide, comrades blame leadership" and another article on the same issue. From the second article,

Chennai: "I've done nothing unbecoming of a Communist. I will abide by any decision the party takes. I have lived a Communist and will die a Communist." These were the words with which WR Varadarajan defended himself during the CPM central committee's hearing, following which he was expelled from all party posts. Days later, his body was recovered from a lake.
Wish others commies consider him a hero, take his message seriously and jump off the cliffs.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is it that our soldiers are dying for?

Heart rending but at the same time encouraging. Kudos to Kmr. Vishnu(his father was martyred whilst fighting naxal terrorists) for openly challenging the naxal terrorist scumbags. Loved it when he says "ladkiyon ki tarah chup ke baat karta hai" about goonda Naxal Kishenji. May Ma Kali bless his father's soul and bring solace to the bereaved family.

Another related news, who are the people who messed up big time since intel about naxal attack was there with the communist govt. of West Bengal? Why shouldn't action be taken against idiots who let this information sit on the table. Their names should be published and these incompetent jokers should be sacked for their gross stupidity and inaction which led to this unfortunate massacre. From the article linked above,

"It is not a clear case of intelligence failure. There was intelligence report that the Maoists were assembling in the area, though there was no specific information that they may attack the EFR camp," West Bengal Home secretary Ardhendu Sen told reporters after a high level meeting which reviewed the situation in the wake of the attack. {aap ko time, place aur address bata ke attack karenge naxal terrorists, galti ho gayi naxals se, kshama kar dijiye unko! If people like Sen are one's responsible for Home deptt, even heavens won't help us in this fight against naxal terrorism.}

Asked why no step was taken when the government had in its possession the intelligence report, Sen said the report had come to its hand at 2 PM only, a bare three hours before the attack and it had taken time for the information to percolate down to the lower level.{How much time does it take to say four lines? Last time i was in Kolkata, I had a phone or does WB govt use carrier pigeons for passing messages?}
Lastly, one cannot overlook the role of the government of West Bengal in helping or looking the other way when naxal commit atrocities since they are, after all, ideological comrades.

Frustrated with elections, dissent etc., the would-be Stalins and Maos of the Communist Party of India (CPI) have spun off ever-more violent terrorist groups. The Chinese-funded CPI (Marxist) successively delegated Class War to the CPI (M-Leninist), CPI (ML-Trotskyite), and CPI (ML-Maoist). This last entity is also called “Naxalite”, after the West Bengal village of Naxalbari where they started Class War by robbing and beheading farmers and any other productive citizens in the early 1970s. Short-lived in Kerala, where it ran afoul of the CPI (M)’s own protection racket, Naxal terrorism has thrived in Andhra and Jharkhand, and is now starting in Orissa. The “People’s War Group” (PWG) of the CPI (MLM) had a website announcing “People’s Tribunal” Death Warrants for 3 elected, serving Chief Ministers of Indian States. In 2003, CPI (ML) and CPI (MLM) merged into CPI (Maoist), which is on the US State Department’s list of terrorist groups along with its Nepalese counterpart, CPN (Maoist).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Aman ki asha: Muslim lawyers will "burn alive" anyone who defends murdered 12 year old Christian

And we are brow beaten to talk to these animals under Aman Ki Asha (code name for sharaab and shabaab parties organized by traitorous elites in India). There was an EU delegation in India recently, if someone can forward this 'good news' to the EUnuchs, we might be in for a surprise since they (EUnuchs) will overlook this atrocity.

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Because of the threats posed by the powerful Lahore Bar Association – an umbrella organization of city lawyers - no Christian or Muslim lawyer is ready to take on the defence in the murder of 12 year-old Shazia Bashir, it was reported yesterday by The Pakistani Christian association that deals with legal assistance.

The girl, of Christian faith, died on Jan. 23 as a result of violence - even sexual – at the hands of her employer, a wealthy and powerful Muslim lawyer in Lahore. The alleged murderess, Chaudhry Mohammad Naeem, is a former president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. The girl, just 12 years old, had worked as a maid in the home of Naeem in the last six months.

The Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) denounces that access to the courtroom where the court hearings were held against the accused was denied, because a group of Muslim lawyers (pictured) 'prevented' entry. The association is fighting - for free - for the rights of the poorest and marginalized groups has been threatened by thousands of lawyers - friends of the murderer - that promise to burn alive anyone who wants to represent the victim in court. "

M. Joseph Francis, director of Claas, asked members of civil society, political and religious leaders to rise up and take steps to "condemn this new form of terrorism" by lawyers who "should ensure justice." The Pakistani newspaper The News reported that on Feb. 4, the police conducted the accused to the courts amid "tight security. And, as usual, officials prevented journalists and relatives of victims to come into the hall for "security reasons".

Shazia Bashir's family could not access the court not once but three times, a strange fact, regarding the judiciary in Pakistan. Police officials explain that it would "not be possible" to prevent clashes and violence, where "Shazia's relatives and representatives of minorities to enter the courtroom."

Meanwhile Ashgar Ali, heading the investigation, requested the accused appear before the courts and an extension of the terms of custody for six days. The magistrate added that the murder weapon has not yet been recovered and the accused could provide the names of accomplices, who participated in the torture and murder of the 12 year old Christian girl. The court, however, has only partly accepted the request, ruling only four days in jail

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unfair targetting of Dr Rajendra Pachauri

To say Mr Pachauri is being unfairly targetted is an understatement. IMO, this was a perfect set up by goras and in it there is a lesson for Indians who go the extra mile in carrying the waters for these immoral gora people.

John Sauven, director of Greenpeace UK, ...Pachauri should have put his hand up and said ‘we made a mistake’," he told The Times.
John Sauven should look in the mirror and say the same line after all GreenPeace reports were cited in Amazongate. The Brit elites (reduced to being servile poodles of USA) are famous for their double standards and British oppression (lovingly called British Raj) should have given Mr Pachauri a lesson. Alas!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Govt fumes at ad goof-up

The photograph of a retired Pakistan air force chief in an adverstisement commissioned by the Women and Child Development Ministry caused a major embarrassment to the Centre on Sunday, following its publication in a newspaper currently on a joint “peace campaign” with a Pakistani daily.

Even though Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath remained unapologetic and sought to downplay the incident by saying the message in the advertisement marking the National Girl Child Day was more important that the photograph, both the PMO and the Indian Air Force are understood to be fuming at the faux pas. Late on Sunday evening Tirath apologised, saying it was a mistake.

Interestingly, the advertisement was carried in only one prominent English daily published from here. The daily is currently carrying out a joint “peace campaign” with a newspaper from Pakistan.

All other newspapers in the capital carried a different advertisement to mark the day.

Even as the hunt was begun by the PMO to fix responsibility, with sources saying that heads were likely to roll in both Tirath’s ministry and DAVP, the minister herself remained nonplussed and refused to accept any blunder on the part of her ministry.
“The message is more important than the image. The photograph is only symbolic. The message for the girl child is more important,” she said striving hard to downplay the incident. {what a stupid woman, why not use Hitler, Aurangzeb and Akbar since photograph is only symbolic? If what you are saying is the case why is PMO apologizing?} She also said that no name had been mentioned below the photograph, and added, “We are anyway for global peace.”{Chillum phoonkna chodh do aunty ji aur dharti pe aajao wapas}

But the PMO was in no such mood. It swiftly apologised to the nation for the blunder and instituted an internal inquiry.

Meanwhile, the blame game has already begun, with the DAVP trying to wash its hands off the matter. While nobody came on record, sources in DAVP claimed the advertisement, numbered “DAVP 46101/13/0064/0910” came to the department on Saturday with prior approval from the Women and Child Development Ministry, and, therefore, was released immediately.

The sources also conteded that the text and images in the advertisement had been prepared by Tirath’s staff.{One reason she is being bombastic is probably she is the one who OK'ed this shameful ad and is now backpedalling since PMO apologized, what a hypocrite!}

Australian PM Rudd's nephew in KKK anti-racism protest

Words fail me, big thanks to Van Thanh Rudd and his friend for protesting racism against Indian people.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dalit youth alleges he was forced to eat human excreta


Dindigul (TN), Jan 14 (PTI) In a shocking case of caste discrimination, a dalit has alleged that he was forced to eat human faeces by a group of 'high caste Christians' for walking with chappals in their street in the district.

The dalit youth, in his complaint to Batalagundu police inspector, said "a group of high caste Christians forced human faeces into my mouth after beating me for walking with chappals in their street".

Sadayandi, who is from Indhira Nagar in Meikovilpatti in Dindigul district, claimed the incident occurred on January 7 when a group of more than 10 'caste christians' stopped him and asked if he was not aware of the "order" that dalits should not walk with chappals in their street. Then they asked him to remove his chappals and slapped him with it, he said.

"One of them suggested that I should be fed human excreta.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aman ki asha

This is what is in store for the common Indian if he believes in the ToI-letpaper of India's farce called Aman ki Asha,

Pak rains rockets
Yudhvir Rana, TNN, 10 January 2010, 04:59am IST

AMRITSAR/NEW DELHI: Panic swept through villages around Attari in Punjab early on Saturday after six rockets slammed in from across the border.

No one was injured as the shells landed in open fields and a few rockets failed to explode.

‘‘Around midnight, six rockets were fired from the Pakistan side, of which two fell near the border outpost. We heard 2-3 explosions,’’ BSF IG Himmat Singh said.

Two rockets fell on the Kahangarh post where 35 BSF personnel are deployed, but did not explode. The BSF retaliated with artillery and mortar fire.

Two rockets each were found in Atalgarh and Modhay villages after the fog lifted. The rockets had exploded after hitting fields. One rocket hit the farm of Surjit Singh in Atalgarh, while in Modhay, one was found at the farm of Lakha Singh.

Saturday’s attack near Attari in Punjab was the third such attack since Pakistan constructed additional fortified concrete bunkers and new observation towers close to the border in Punjab and J&K.

Pakistan has reportedly built 19 new bunkers and 39 observation towers in the past seven months.

While three rockets were fired on July 5 last year, five rockets fired by the Pakistani forces crashed into Modhay, Dhoneya Khurd, Rattan Kallan and Dalekey villages in September....

Where were these hypocrites when rockets fell on India- sitting in their ivory towers sipping blood of Indian people (they call it champagne) and pontificating. I say balls to "Aman ki Asha" and say yes to, more "INSAS ka Tamasha" for the jihadis living next to us. Also, this peace-shit is for wimps and the weak, naPakistanis need us more than we do. What have they to offer apart from rabid population bred on hatred for non muslims and suicide bombers, let them stew in their own juices.