Sunday, April 1, 2007

Vatican Christo-Circus

Vatican Angel Sighted

SPOOKED! Professional photographers have studied Key's photo and are at a loss to explain what may have caused the image.

They should involve the local forensic lab and work on the theory that it might be the pope whodunnit. The pope farts (Big Bang), someone clicks a pic and voila, the paedophiles hiding in Vatican name it the 'Vatican Angel'.


I demand that RAT-Singer be given Sainthood for this feat. Well I don't give a Rat-zinger's ass if they don't.

Another One:
Pope cured the Nun's PARKINSON

If the story Sister Marie Simon-Pierre told Friday is true, then pope John Paul II exercised miraculous powers from beyond the grave. A proven physical miracle is an important qualification on the road to sainthood.

Smiling and strong-voiced, the 46-year-old nun stepped out of her quiet life of prayer and good works and stood in front of a wall of cameras to proclaim that the pope cured her of Parkinson’s disease two months after his death in 2005.

The veracity of her story is crucial to making Pope John Paul II a saint. {me: Remember 'Mother' Teresa's sainthood and the drama, old wine new bottle or vice versa}

I might believe this miracle if the dead Pope fixes her crooked teeth just like he cured her Parkinson.

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  1. I viewed this photo with a completely open mind and no interest in debunking it. But it only took a couple of seconds to discern that the illusion of a head is created by an abstract shape from a shaft of light being interrupted by a pillar. Once you recognize this element of the image, it becomes obvious that the apparent breast shape is created in conjunction with it. At this point, no mystery remains.

    In response to one observer who is forlorn at the prospect of disenchantment and asks, “Couldn't it be an actual angel?” the answer is no; not because the simple explanation is easier to accept, but because it’s clearly the correct one.

    I came across these pictures that show similar light effects at the Vatican that no one could mistake for an angel. The site where these photos are posted is not my own:


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