Monday, September 10, 2007

Dalit woman tied naked to tree

AMRITSAR: A 55-year-old Dalit woman was tortured, stripped and tied to a tree in Ram Duali village of Punjab because her nephew eloped with a girl from the same community. The police have arrested four persons for allegedly committing the crime on Saturday. Sawinder Kaur, the victim, is undergoing treatment at civil hospital police said.

Narrating the nightmare, Sawinder Kaur said she was dragged out of her home by members of the girl's family, who thrashed her, tore her clothes and threw hot sawdust on her. She was then stripped and tied to a tree.

Amritsar (rural) SSP Iqbal Singh said police arrested Shingara Singh, Amarjit Kaur, Gurmit Singh and a former sarpanch, Rattan Singh. According to Sawinder Kaur, her nephew Satnam Singh eloped with Shingara Singh's daughter Charanjit Kaur. Shingara Singh, who didn't approve of the marriage, lodged a complaint against Sawinder Kaur, her son Babbu and daughter-in-law Balwinder Kaur.

Times of India

Read this story without the Dalit word. Does it make any difference to the article?

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