Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pseudo secularism at work (ToI style)

ABVP men vandalise Arts dept over history course
ABVP had similarly staged a demonstration in front of the V-C's office against parts of the history syllabus of the BA Programme, which they said made objectionable references to the Ramayan and its characters.

Said Maya John, member of the group, Krantikari Yuva Sangathan: "The rally will be a protest against communalisation of the university and the attack on academic freedom."
Another one from todays(Feb 26, '08) paper but hidden inside the pages is another contradictory but delectable piece.

India voices protest against Mohammed cartoons (No link, from ToI's e-paper page 16)

As outrage over the republication of controversial Danish cartoons spread across the Muslim world, India strongly opposed posting of these cartoons of Prophet Mohammed on YouTube. In a statement, the MEA said, “Hurting of sentiments of any community under the guise of freedom of expression is unacceptable.” TNN

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