Sunday, May 11, 2008

Christian Presentation Sisters gathering in India

18 Presentation Sisters from around Australia are en-route to India for an International Presentation Association (IPA) meeting with the theme Cry of the Earth, the Cry of the Poor.

The Australian Sisters will present reflections and questions on their actions for justice and lead the group in prayer using Australian themes, songs and prayers.

Two Australians feature in the IPA leadership group - Sr Bernadette Keating PBVM as President of the Australian Society and Sr Marlette Black PBVM (pictured), as the IPA Networker.

Guest speakers will include Medha Patker, an activist for the poorest of the poor{LMAO, we have resurrection here of Witch Teresa} and Devinder Sharma, an award-winning journalist, writer and thinker whose books and articles offer a uniquely Indian perspective on global trade issues.

A group of disabled children will be guests at the meeting and will share their music and dance along with the celebration of Eucharist according to the Indian Rite.

The Association meets every four years and networks the various congregations of Presentation women around the world to foster unity and to enable collaboration for the sake of mission

The meeting will be held in Bangalore, India, from November 14-21, culminating on the feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple.

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