Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fight for our forgotten brothers: Kashmiri Hindus

The land of such gifted men as Abhinavagupta, Anandavardhana, Bhaskara, Somadeva, and Kalhana has today been overrun by Islamic Jihadis. There seems no end to the bloodlust running riot out there contrary to what its perpetrators, both within and across the border claim.

Whenever there is talk of 'Kashmir problem', why do our senile politicians get a collective amnesia about Hindu's in Kashmir who were ethnically cleansed. Our pyare chacha Nehru opened doors for Tibetans, who suffered the same fate but tragically Nehru and his descendants (Gandhi) did not even acknowledge about the fate of Kashmiri Hindu's in our own backyard. Grrrrr.....

Our politicians will talk to multiple Islamic jihadi organizations but atleast acknowledge the plight of Kashmiri Hindu's. Amidst this gloomy scene, please welcome and support the cause of Kashmiri Pandits who have started this courageous initiative.

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