Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I want the Islamic Terrorist's Time Machine

With this report , SIMI and Sheikh have the unique distinction in the world of possessing a time machine.
Sheikh, in his confession to the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), said he attended a programme organised by the banned SIMI in May 2001 at Pune, where he was told about atrocities on Muslims during the 2002 sectarian violence in Gujarat
Sheikh in 2001 knew about the yet-to-happen 2002 Gujarat turmoil. WOW! I want this Islamic jihadi invention (first of its kind) for time gazing.

Now pay attention, Sheikh Chillie: I'm not going to say this 10,000 times. Connecting terrorist attack to a motive is quite old in playing the leftist 'I am a victim' game. Will Mahmud Ghazni's Somnath temple plunder qualify as reason for Babri Temple removal if we consider your terrorism-for-riots reasoning? Wotsay!

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