Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let the aussie convicts whine, Way to go SreeSanth!

Hello, myself

Exuberant and emotional, Sree Santh is a true Aquarian. Eccentric at times and downright unbelievable on most occasions. Born on Feb. 6, 1983 to Savitri Devi, an officer in the state treasury department and Shanthakumaran Nair, Sree Santh is the younger brother to Deepu. Sree Santh came to the limelight in the 2006 England series and especially after the boogie-woogie he did after hitting South Africa’s Andre Nel for a six. A regular in the match referee’s office for his incessant appealing and theatrics on the field, Sree Santh has carved quite a reputation for himself. Not surprising because the psychology-studying university student has confessed himself to be quite an attention seeker. "I used to do all the silly things to be in the limelight."

A Michael Jackson fan, Sree Santh was a champion break dancer, attaining national recognition in the eighth grade. The showman traits have come to the surface often, either in the form of blonde highlights or jiggling hips.

God-fearing and fish-eating

Comfortable with English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, Sree Santh is an avid reader and is a huge fan of Steve Waugh but for all his book-knowledge, the Kochi-pacer is also a blind follower when it comes to numerology and faith. A devout Malayali Hindu, Sree Santh is very religious and visits many temples in Kochi. His favourite shrine is the Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur. He always asks his mother to light a lamp in the puja room every time he plays a match and to keep it burning till the end of the match.

He once skipped five Ranji Trophy games but travelled with the side on the pretext that he was training to regain his fitness. But rumours had it that an astrologer convinced him to take a break from competition to preserve his longevity in the sport, which Sree Santh categorically denied. There are innumerable variations to his name though he’s disposed towards using Sree Santh nowadays. An able footballer and quite a wizard with the hockey stick, Sree Santh, when younger wanted to be a leg-spinner since Anil Kumble was his favourite player. A typical coastal-man, Sree Santh can’t live without his rice and fish curry but it’s his favourite breakfast dish kadala and puttu that gets the 24-year-old out of bed every morning.


Being the attention seeker that he is, Sree Santh has had his brush with the entertainment industry, when he penned a song ‘Jago India’ which was sung by his brother-in-law and renowned playback singer Madhu Balakrishnan for an album ‘Desh’. Even film-makers are queuing up outside his house. The pacer was offered a movie alongside Malayalam megastar Mamooty. The quickie has not yet consented to the project, which would see him play a cricketer, much to the delight of his fans.
Sreesanth, spice of India

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