Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vice principal of Hyderabad college criticizes Islam; protests, stone-throwing ensue

'Seculars' and peddlers of freedom of expression termites, come out of the woodwork. Not one secular dumbkopf will touch Mr Reddy with a barge pole since he criticised islam. Had Mr Reddy railed against Hindu beliefs and a similar protests taken place, NGO's would have supported him apart from the usual termites crawling out and mouthing platitudes.
Hyderabad: There was unrest in the streets of Hyderabad on Wednesday after a college teacher allegedly made anti-Islamic remarks.

The students of Narayana College protested against the remarks made by their Vice Principal, Naresh Reddy.

“The Vice principal said that Islam is useless also that 25 per cent of Islam is useless. He spoke against Islam. He cannot say anything religious. This is the second time he has said this,” says a student, Narayana College, Shahabuddin.

Police say Reddy made the comments while pulling up two students for coming late to college after offering namaz.

The angry students reacted by pelting stones at the college And local Islamic groups were quick to step in support of the students.

“Their job is to teach, why are they speaking against Islam. We do not compromise with people who speak against Islam,” says MIM leader, Afsar Khan.

The protestors even forced shopkeepers in the area to down shutters. A battalion of the Rapid Action Force had to be deployed and normalcy was restored only after the college management suspended vice principal Reddy.

This is the second incident when a teacher has landed in trouble for making alleged remarks on Islam.

The government has chosen to maintain a stoic silence at least till the festive season is over, but what is troubling is the ease with which students are agitated and choose to go on a rampage.

They seem to be the ones calling the shots in classrooms.

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