Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hilarious - Ben Hilton rips queen of England

Excerpts from the article,

The novelist called The Queen 'a sad little old lady' and Prince Philip a 'mad old bigot who wishes it was still the war'.

Elton claimed Prince Charles was 'a disillusioned ex-hippy,' Prince Andrew is 'a bit of a yob,' and suggested Prince Edward was gay.

Ben then mocked British families adding: 'That's a bog-standard British family in all its rainbow glory. If she (The Queen) had a black one and a disabled on, she'd have the full deck.'

The married mother-of-four said: 'He was like a spoilt child saying more and more outrageous things just for the attention.

'He obviously thought the best way to get the audience on side was to say degrading comments about Britain.{Ouch, shoe-shining peasants are hurtin' LMAO}

When playing a word association game, he was given the phrase 'The Queen.'

He replied: 'She's an ordinary woman. She's a sad little old lady who lives in state sponsored accommodation, her husband is a mad old bigot who wishes it was still the war, three out of four of her kid's marriages have failed - that's very common.'

About her children, he added: 'The eldest one is a disillusioned ex-hippy and the middle one a bit of a yob.

'That's a bog-standard British family in all its rainbow glory. If she had a black one and a disabled one, she'd have the full deck. {Pffft, Hahahahaha}

Asked if he missed her{ex-PM Thatcher}, Ben replied: 'Thatcher was a deeply divisive person. She shattered most of what we thought we knew about British society, so no, I don't miss her at all.'

He then claimed to have slept with the former Prime Minister and gave an impression of the former leader, saying: 'That was absolutely marvellous Ben.

'Then she would light-up and honestly, I thought she was a posh bird but she was just a fag-ash Lil.'

Ben bemoaned Britain winning the 2012 Olympic bid, saying: 'I'm so p***** off that we've got the Olympics in Britain.

'Firstly, it's obviously only because people feel sorry for us and to let us win some medals for once.

'I don't like it, I'm not interested in sport. I mean why, why do it.'

.......British athletes being made to train Al Qaeda terrorists 'because then they would throw their bombs and miss the target.' {man is funny}

And when shown a prop of a giant painting brush with red paint on the tip for a sketch, a reference was made of it looking like Harry Potter's broomstick.

Ben chipped in: 'I think Malfoy (Harry Potter character) was giving him a bit of a dormitory action I'm afraid you know what those public schools in England are like.'

Another one linked on the page, Labour candidate describes the Queen as 'vermin' and a 'parasite who milks the country'

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