Sunday, November 15, 2009

Koda gave Maoists 30% of the Loot

It turns out that Madu Koda, the disgraced former Jharkhand Chief Minister who looted Rs 4,000 crore was not that greedy, Maoists made a cool 30 percent of the prize money.

Investigations revealed that the Maoists made their cut from the illegal mining that took place when Koda was the CM in the state. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday grilled four associates of Koda including his personal assistant Harinder Singh, who spilled that Koda issued about 200 prospective mining leases for exploration of minerals in the state and a further 40 for mining purposes.

The cartel was very simple - businessmen with mining leases, who were not allowed to mine scarce resources simply went ahead with large scale mining. The resulting moolah generated went into the pockets of those people who provided protection from the police and allowed the illegal activity to go on - politicians, beaurocrats and other honchos with hot little hands and gangster buddies. Some of the honchos include a leading Indian steel manufacturer and a London-based tycoon. Maoists also made a killing.

According to Harinder Singh, "the political establishment received Rs 10 lakh per acre at the time of issue of such a licence (total area extends to over hundreds of acres) while the Naxalites got 20 to 30 percent on each truck of resources taken out of such a mine. The bureaucrats who were supposed to check any illegal activity received 10 to 15 percent of the share of the minerals and the remainder about 50 percent was the businessmen's share in the loot."

The promoter of the nefarious Balaji Bullion group of companies Manoj Punamia revealed that Koda was not his only client, and in fact he was working with many high profile Indian and international money launderers. According to an ED official, "His negotiations for an SEZ in Noida worth Rs 4,800 crore, where payment was to be allegedly made in Euros, and his other real estate contracts worth hundreds of crores in UP hint at his wide network across political affiliations and state boundaries. His expertise in managing "entries" and handling high-value cash transactions in banks and through hawala only helped his benefactors to launder big money in India and abroad."

Apart from Punamia, a number of other big fish have been found out by the ED. Although the agency refused to divulge the names, it is clear that many well known politicians and bureaucrats are involved, and the ED is gathering enough incriminating evidence to send them all to the gaol.


So, 'defenders' of tribal people are in hand in glove with the mining mafia in looting those very people mao-scums claim to defend with arms and violence. Circular logic! Maoists are nothing but fraudulent goons out to make a quick buck and resorting to killing innocent people with their brand of terrorism.

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