Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is it that our soldiers are dying for?

Heart rending but at the same time encouraging. Kudos to Kmr. Vishnu(his father was martyred whilst fighting naxal terrorists) for openly challenging the naxal terrorist scumbags. Loved it when he says "ladkiyon ki tarah chup ke baat karta hai" about goonda Naxal Kishenji. May Ma Kali bless his father's soul and bring solace to the bereaved family.

Another related news, who are the people who messed up big time since intel about naxal attack was there with the communist govt. of West Bengal? Why shouldn't action be taken against idiots who let this information sit on the table. Their names should be published and these incompetent jokers should be sacked for their gross stupidity and inaction which led to this unfortunate massacre. From the article linked above,

"It is not a clear case of intelligence failure. There was intelligence report that the Maoists were assembling in the area, though there was no specific information that they may attack the EFR camp," West Bengal Home secretary Ardhendu Sen told reporters after a high level meeting which reviewed the situation in the wake of the attack. {aap ko time, place aur address bata ke attack karenge naxal terrorists, galti ho gayi naxals se, kshama kar dijiye unko! If people like Sen are one's responsible for Home deptt, even heavens won't help us in this fight against naxal terrorism.}

Asked why no step was taken when the government had in its possession the intelligence report, Sen said the report had come to its hand at 2 PM only, a bare three hours before the attack and it had taken time for the information to percolate down to the lower level.{How much time does it take to say four lines? Last time i was in Kolkata, I had a phone or does WB govt use carrier pigeons for passing messages?}
Lastly, one cannot overlook the role of the government of West Bengal in helping or looking the other way when naxal commit atrocities since they are, after all, ideological comrades.

Frustrated with elections, dissent etc., the would-be Stalins and Maos of the Communist Party of India (CPI) have spun off ever-more violent terrorist groups. The Chinese-funded CPI (Marxist) successively delegated Class War to the CPI (M-Leninist), CPI (ML-Trotskyite), and CPI (ML-Maoist). This last entity is also called “Naxalite”, after the West Bengal village of Naxalbari where they started Class War by robbing and beheading farmers and any other productive citizens in the early 1970s. Short-lived in Kerala, where it ran afoul of the CPI (M)’s own protection racket, Naxal terrorism has thrived in Andhra and Jharkhand, and is now starting in Orissa. The “People’s War Group” (PWG) of the CPI (MLM) had a website announcing “People’s Tribunal” Death Warrants for 3 elected, serving Chief Ministers of Indian States. In 2003, CPI (ML) and CPI (MLM) merged into CPI (Maoist), which is on the US State Department’s list of terrorist groups along with its Nepalese counterpart, CPN (Maoist).

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