Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Communists of India - tyrants and murderers

Update since the last post. From IE,

Even in countering the gravest internal security threat to the country, Bengal is yet to step out of its kindergarten picnic. How can it? Its own senior police officers{EFR Special IG Benoy Chakraborty was one} have to cover their face for fear of Maoist wrath. And after they have criticised their government, they are promptly suspended. About that, there’s no hesitation on anybody’s part. Where was such urgency and ready reflex when Maoists stormed the Silda Eastern Frontier Rifles camp and left behind ashes and bodies?

However, Chakraborty, by covering his face in black cloth while publicly blasting his government and a junior in rank, has painted for Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee the only honest picture of the state. Setting aside his allegations against West Midnapore Superintendent of Police Manoj Verma, whatever the IG said about the location, infrastructure, environment and functioning of the Silda camp is right. Those are precisely the questions the nation has been asking, and will be asking, of the Bengal government. Chakraborty, reportedly, had asked repeatedly for the camp to be moved. That was not done, despite the “death band” that police personnel in Maoist-afflicted areas wear. In fact, it is unfortunate that a senior police officer had to take recourse to such a public venting of grievances, making himself, his force and his government look ridiculous.

Behind the Silda massacre and its shameful fallout stands a government that has systematically emasculated its police, making the latter the gatekeepers of partymen. (What was the Silda camp itself set up for initially? To protect CPM men.) Bengal is synonymous with political and police violence. As with everything else, the rationale behind police recruitment, posting and promotion in Bengal has not been merit, but subservience to the party. In the face of Maoists, the same force is the picture of incompetence. Bhattacharjee, who holds the state home portfolio, should ask himself whether, and when, his government will learn its lessons. The morale of his state is broken. Right now, it can’t find its feet. The “oasis of peace” is really a bloodied paradise of ineffectuality. After three-plus decades of subverting every aspect of administration, government, police and people now share their defeatism.

On another front(Jharkhand and Bihar), things are looking bleak. Why? Excerpts from the article(IT),
"The Shibu Soren government has to deal with the menace rather than wait for a dialogue which looks highly improbable and is costing dearly," said state Congress spokesman Radha Krishna Kishore.

Jharkhand Vikas Morcha chief Babulal Marandi said, "It seems the current alliance has come to power on the strength of these Naxalites rather than popular vote. I want a specific answer whether the government is in favour of the Green-Hunt operation or not."

A week after an IG-rank officer in Jharkhand admitted that the joint operations of the two states were a failure, a West Bengal Police DIG involved in the anti-Naxalite operations made similar observations.

"We have failed to break their (Maoists) resources and got our selves entangled reaching nowhere," the DIG said.

Blaming the neighbouring states, a senior police officer said, "Jharkhand and Bihar despite pressure from the Union home ministry are not extending their local police support to hunt down the Maoists. {Jharkhand CM Shibu Soren wants talks with naxal terrorists and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar faces assembly elections this year} This is only boosting their morale. They will come and leave Bengal gunning down people like at the Shilda camp." However, the Jharkhand DGP assured the success of the operations.

In neighbouring West Bengal, a special IG of the Eastern Frontier Rifles, Benoy Chakraborty, blamed the superintendent of police, Manoj Verma, and other senior officers for the Maoist massacre at Shilda.

"The incident happened due to the utterly ignorant attitude of the state government. The SP is fully responsible for the incident," he said at a press conference.

"Over the years, the basic needs of EFR personnel have been overlooked and they were being inhumanely treated. It is unfortunate that no sympathy was shown to the dead EFR jawans and rather their role was criticised during the Maoist attack. Despite the unsafe location, our officers managed to gun down five Maoists. I have no regret what I had said. I covered my face for my security," Chakraborty said.

Million $$$ question, why are these Chief Ministers Soren and Kumar, no less, are pussy footing around Red terror? One can understand the Communist thugs in Bengal Govt in looking the other way or their sheer incompetence in tackling this danger to the country, but why Soren and Kumar - read too many socialist books in their college days, hunger for power at any cost?

In the meanwhile, "Disquiet in CPM after suicide, comrades blame leadership" and another article on the same issue. From the second article,

Chennai: "I've done nothing unbecoming of a Communist. I will abide by any decision the party takes. I have lived a Communist and will die a Communist." These were the words with which WR Varadarajan defended himself during the CPM central committee's hearing, following which he was expelled from all party posts. Days later, his body was recovered from a lake.
Wish others commies consider him a hero, take his message seriously and jump off the cliffs.

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