Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Singer Abhijeet speaks

Kudos to Abhijeet for saying which the Hindi film industry wallahs can never bring to their lips. Cowards!

Abhijeet has criticised Shah Rukh for speaking in favour of the Pakistani players in the IPL row. The singer has advised Shah Rukh to go to Pakistan to make movies.

He said that while India is liberal towards artistes from Pakistan, Indian performers are not treated the same way by Islamabad.

Abhijeet on Mahesh 'Khujli' Bhatt,
I don’t court controversies, they come to me. I don’t mince my words and call a spade a spade. I am not a hypocrite. Yes, I might have got into a lot of trouble because of my badbolapan but I have stood by what I have said.

Years ago, I had protested about Mahesh Bhatt and his soft corner for Pakistan. But nobody took notice. And see what’s happening now. I want to know why a thorough investigation hasn’t being carried out against the whole Bhatt family? How come no one else in the industry had any connections with US terror suspect David Headley except the Bhatt family? Why do they call Pakistani singers and actors to work in India when we have so much talent here? Both the brothers, Mahesh and Mukesh themselves travel to Delhi and personally get the visas of Pakistani artists made. Why?
Update: Phonies lock horns
It was a meeting meant to sort out the imbroglio between film producers and lyricists-writers,the latters forum represented by Javed Akhtar.But matters took a turn for the worse when Aamir Khan,siding with film producers,said lyricists dont really contribute much to the impact of a song.

It was just too much for poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar to take,and it soon became a war of words between him and Aamir. Says an eyewitness, Aamir made it clear that he felt a song becomes a hit because it is picturised on a big star.To this Javed asked him,Your first big song was Papa Kehte Hain.Did it make you a star or did you make that song run

Things began to get heated,but Aamir stuck to his stand.When Aamir again insisted that its the star who makes a bigger contribution to a song becoming a hit,Javed retorted,Your so-called contribution is nothing but interference.We lyricists would be eternally grateful if you keep your so-called contribution to yourself.We manage to do good work not because of,but in spite of your contribution.

But when Aamir went a step further to claim that in any film,a writer contributes more than a song-writer to the film,it was the last straw for Javed.He said,Good for Chetan Bhagat.

News of the altercation spread like wildfire in the industry.When contacted,Javed Akhtar said,I wouldnt like to comment on what happened between me and Aamir.But this is not just a matter about lyricists,but all writers.Certain royalties have to be paid to writers,which in our film industry,arent paid properly.We writers are almost like bonded labourers.There is no room for us to profit in any way.But the government is making suitable amendments in the favour of writers and musicians.This amendment will benefit everyone,including classical musicians like Pandit Ravi Shankar,who has spoken up in favour of the amendment.

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