Monday, March 14, 2005

Shakti Kapoor --> The Lech

Holy Moly, Aooooo has done it again. This shark brain tweet has done it again. When will he learn? Why did Shakti Kapoor not realize what he is getting into since he had already been scalded by MTV? One can be fooled once, but how can one fall prey to the same trap twice? Surprising don't be, this jerk was caught on MTV interviewed by an Irish journalist and when she said that she can do anything to be in films, Shakti said Aoooooo, meri bahon mein aao. This one on MTV never made the airwaves as this jackass had refused to sign a No-Objection certificate. To catch the wholy moly, go here.

TTTTTTell me 'bout it, casting couch is rampant in movie industry, all hush hush. Well do I care, I say fug them royally. My only disappointment was that they did not make a whole movie (ala Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee or much recently Paris Hilton) and make a celebrity sex scandal.

Title of the movie (choose one or suggest): Sumdi mein kumdi or nandu sab ka bandhu...aoooooo.

Oh and there was a donkey rally in B'bay against Shakti, way to go guys.

Shakti as a judge in "item number" search contest.
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